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URLs get the “bigly” Trump treatment from Hill Holliday creatives

URLs get the “bigly” Trump treatment from Hill Holliday creatives

Riffing off of the Trump nomenclature, three creatives from Hill Holliday decided that it’s time to give URLs the “UGE” treatment. Trump’s “bigly,” a word that now occupies the same space as “strategery” (made up by Will Ferrell as George W. Bush), has inspired Make URLs Bigly Again, a site that eschews the notion that short URLs are desirable.

The digital inspiration is link shortener — but instead of making links shorter, it vastly expands any URL into a garishly long one that certainly mirrors Trump’s penchant for largesse.

From the site:

Internet URLs are terrible. Truly terrible. It’s a disaster. Let’s make URLs real again. We’ll make URLs great again. URLs use soundbites. They’re not accurate. They’re not real. Truly a disaster. Link shorteners are a disaster.

The site was created by Boston-based Hill Holliday’s senior creative technologist Rob Erskine, copywriter Evan Gott, and creative director Khari Streeter.

As of press time, over 300 URLs have been “bigly-ified” (is that the right term?). As for The Drum’s new URLs? After three tries, we received the much better:

Let the SEO magic begin.

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