Soap and Glory brings a bright pink double decker bus to UK university campuses

Soap and Glory first hit the British high street in 2006 with its bright pink beauty products like Sexy Mother Pucker and The Righteous Butter. So this year, they decided to take their products to the customers on a big pink double decker bus and invite people to join their Soaper Squad.

Launching in Glasgow, the bus sports a big bright slide along down the back and a stage out front in preparation for the Beyonce style dance class that is taught throughout the day to different people.

Joe Brailsford, business director at Seed Marketing, said: “Soap and Glory and their agency Studio of Art & Commerce came to us because they wanted to do a bus tour across the UK universities. We sat down and started thinking what would be amazing on a bus and would showcase the products. So as well as the slide and the Beyonce-style dance classes, we have make overs and hair braiding to let people experience what the brand is.”

As students wander past the bus they are offered bright pink popcorn to snack on while they take a tour. Once inside, there is a snug filled with bright pink and purple cushions to get comfy on as well as glitter tattoos all on the first floor, while the second hosts an array of make up chairs for people to sit down and enjoy being pampered with hair braids and new make up looks.

The idea for the beauty bus wasn’t always as it has been as Gwen Bueno de Medquita, head of PR at Soap and Glory, explains: “We’ve always wanted to do something with a big pink bus and when we were talking about doing something with campuses at first we thought somebody could be delivering food and someone came up with the brunch bus idea and then it kind of evolved from there.”

She went on to explain that this isn’t the first tour Soap and Glory has done following from their successful American festival tour they did over the summer, she said. We want to hit students because we want them to know about Soap and Glory," de Medquita added. "We are excited to connect directly with our consumer and talk to them to see what they love about the brand.”

The bright pink bus is hard to miss and will be hitting up a further 14 university campuses after finishing its first day at Glasgow Caledonian University.

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