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Think road safety ad criticised for blaming cyclist in violent HGV collision


UK government initiative Think, tasked with raising awareness of road safety issues, has come under fire from cyclists angered by a new ad that has been accused of wrongly blaming a cyclist for a collision with an HGV – in addition to making light of the incident.

The group, funded by the department of transport, debuted a graphic ad on Monday (26 September) designed to show the dangers of cyclist collisions with HGVs. It commences with hard-hitting visual metaphors depicting the collisions.

The 46-second slot shows a cyclist overtaken and trampled by a lorry taking a sharp left turn at speed. Crumpled on the floor, the cyclist somehow receives the blame for the incident despite, what appears to be a breach of the highway code from the HGV that attempts an overtake when approaching a junction.

Broadcaster Jeremy Vine and Cycling UK were among those critical of the slot.

Here’s the reaction to the video.

The Drum has contacted Think for a statement regarding the ongoing criticism.

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