Absolut hopes to establish itself as an ‘exciting night time brand’ with newly designed bar aesthetics

Absolut has introduced a new set of on trade brand tools to position itself as an “exciting night time brand” and unify its looks and feel across all markets.

The vodka brand worked with design agency Butterfly Cannon and carried out a series of workshops to audit Absolut’s and its competitors' existing point of sale materials, in order to craft a creative platform underpining how the brand should appear in bars across the globe.

Dubbed ‘Urban Sculpt’ the creative idea for the materials was inspired by the geometric shape of the bottle and the wider lens of contemporary Scandinavian inspired design. To make the brand instantly recognizable the primary colourway was adapted from Absolut’s trademark blue and amplified for the visually busy on-trade environment through an electric mirror chrome finish.

Additional colours and finishes were used in different proportions in order to position the items appropriately in different channels – white for modernity, and silver finishes for premium cues.

The design aesthetic was then used to inform the design of a core set of items including ice buckets, back bar displays, shot trays, bottle pourers and hero items for specific markets, including an audio-visual serving ritual for Ibiza night clubs.

Jon Davies, creative director at ButterflyCannon, said: “Our creative aesthetic has inspired the creation of a range of POSM items whose eccentric, fun character invites consumers’ attention and gives Absolut both a cohesive identity and real presence in the on-trade.”