Inside ProSieben's Galileo special virtual reality week

Galileo VR Week / ProSiebenSat.1

Last week, ProSieben launched the 'Galileo VR Woche' (Galileo VR Week) in which the German broadcaster released some of the science magazine's stories in 360°.

All of the VR clips can be accessed via "Galileo's" website, the "Galileo" app for Android and iOS devices or the dedicated app for the Gear VR from the Oculus Store. As a part of the special programming week, ProSieben shot some of its magazine stories with special 360° cameras. While the 360° clips are being released on the previously mentioned digital outlets, the 2D versions aired parallel on TV.

One of the stories takes viewers behind-the-scenes of the traditional fireworks with melted iron in China. Another story follows Japan's dangerous tree trunk race. Most of the time the actual TV crew can be seen on screen as they shoot the story for linear.

Several other 360° clips take viewers behind-the-scenes of the "Galileo" studios. The whole VR-themed programming week was realized in cooperation with virtual reality agency A4VR and content delivery network Akamai.

In anticipation of the "Galileo VR Woche," ProSieben gave away 1,000 show-branded VR headsets, which viewers could win by filling out an online form.

Henner Herwig Jürgens is the Managing Director and Cofounder of VAST MEDIA, a media research and consulting company based in Berlin that provides international television industry leaders with qualitative competitive market analysis of digital entertainment and content marketing.

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