Pilsner turns to classic Czech design to educate drinkers on taste

SABMiller has turned to classic Czech design emphasis to beer lovers, the benefits of drinking its Pilsner Urquell unpasteurised Tankovna beer.

Created by UK design agency Purple Creative, the posters are aimed at both bartenders and consumers and have been created to sit at point of sale to catch attention.

The series of posters have been designed in an artistic Czech retro style and were inspired by 1920-30s matchboxes, and both retain heritage but with a modern twist.

The designs have also been produced to launch the beer brand's Tapster training programme for bartenders that takes place in the Czech Republic to "ensure the craft of pouring the beer matches the craft of brewing it".

Dave Walker, senior designer, Purple Creative, explained the design process behind the poster series: “After working on Pilsner Urquell Tankovna for the past few years, we realised there was a need to educate drinkers on its perfect serve, because it’s so different from how other beers should be served.

"The brand is about authenticity, so rather than simply invent something, we took inspiration from the early Czech matchbook designs. Hopefully you’ll see that the craft that goes into the posters is a simple reflection on how the beer is made."

The posters were illustrated by award-winning artist Marcus Reed.