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Concern over Boris Johnson's support in the media revealed in leaked government email

Boris Johnson and Michael Gove

Concerns over the way Boris Johnson has been portrayed in both the media and the Conservative party have been revealed in a leaked email that was sent to justice secretary Michael Gove by his wife.

In the email, which was also sent to Gove's aides, Sarah Vine expressed concern over Johnson's potential leadership of the party and said that he should "seek assurances" about his role in the cabinet.

Vine also said that Gove’s support would be a benefit to Johnson gaining the endorsements of Paul Dacre, editor of the Daily Mail as well as The Sun and The Times newspaper owner Rupert Murdoch.

The email read: “One simple message: You MUST have SPECIFIC assurances from Boris OTHERWISE you cannot guarantee your support. The details can be worked out later on, but without that you have no leverage.

“Crucially, the membership will not have the necessary reassurance to back Boris, neither will (Daily Mail editor Paul) Dacre/(Rupert) Murdoch, who instinctively dislike Boris but trust your ability enough to support a Boris Gove ticket.

“Do not concede any ground. Be your stubborn best."

A spokesperson Gove told Sky, which revealed the email: “We don't comment on private email exchanges or conversations.”

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