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Are marketers asking the wrong questions about programmatic?

AudienceScience Whitepaper

Marketers today are “asking the wrong questions” of programmatic, and risk missing out on the potential of the technology to raise the creative bar, according to a new report out today.

‘How Programmatic Can Inform the Creative Process’, produced by The Drum in partnership with AudienceScience, explores how brands and agencies must start seeing beyond programmatic as a ‘channel’ to something that informs every part of the marketing ecosystem.

Michael Green, AudienceScience’s VP of product strategy, believes too many marketers are concerned with thinking about what types of technology to use and how much money should be allocated to programmatic as a channel. “They’re asking the wrong questions right now; programmatic is a set of tools to make marketers’ lives easier.”

The report was created with insight from brands, creative agencies and media specialists including Direct Line Group head of digital Raluca Efford, the IPA’s head of digital Nigel Gwilliam and Topman creative director Tom Lancaster.

They discuss how programmatic can transform the creative process; why its impact can deliver more than just efficient performance-led marketing – and what the industry must do to make the most of the technology.

Efford says it is time to put creative on the programmatic agenda, having now proved its operational worth. She says: “At times the creative and technology industries feel like an arranged marriage. They have been reluctant and hesitant about whether they are compatible – but as an advertiser, creativity and data is a match made in heaven.”

Fern Potter, head of search and programmatic EMEA at MediaCom, concurs. “Programmatic won’t be a channel much longer,” she predicts, noting that until now it has had to be so in order to make it scaleable.

Danny Hopwood, VivaKi’s EMEA VP of solutions and platform operations, adds: “Most agencies are focusing on a programmatic future.”

The report, How Programmatic Can Inform the Creative Process, full of tips and insight into using programmatic to drive creativity in advertising, is available to download here.

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