You'll have to zoom in A LOT to see a car in Bentley's ultra-high res Golden Gate Bridge ad

A tiny, tiny Bentley on the Golden Gate Bridge

Bentley has rolled out what it claims to be the largest ever car photograph to hit home the attention to detail paid in the design of the Mulsanne Extended Wheelbase.

Using Nasa technology photographer Simon Stock captured an image, from afar, of the car crossing the Golden Gate bridge, tallying an impressive 53.1bn pixels. The scene saw 700 photos stitched together to make the scene as part of Keko’s 'Be Extraordinary' campaign.

Users can study the image on a dedicated website, understandably The Drum was in no position to host a 53.1 billion-pixel image which is 425-times larger than a high-end smartphone image.

However, you can also view a quick teaser of the image from the campaign below.

Ben Whattam, managing partner, Keko London said: "Keko London was tasked to engage Bentley’s future consumers and tell the brand’s story in a contemporary and compelling way, reflecting the level of technology and craftsmanship that goes into Bentley cars.

"This truly amazing image combined with intelligent media planning will engage these future buyers on their first step to purchase.”

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