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14 - 18 June

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Ken Hein

US editor

Shavonne M Clark

senior manager of marketing

Speedo hopes to build global swim movement in first TV campaign in over a decade

Speedo is pioneering a global swim movement for its latest campaign ‘Speedo Fit’, hoping to bring swimming into fitness routines around the world in its first TV campaign in over a decade.

The campaign has launched in over 50 markets globally. It is aimed specifically at the fitness enthusiast market, to encourage people to challenge the regime, with the brand message: ‘The most powerful thing you can do to your routine is to change it’.

The campaign ‘There’s fit and there’s Speedo fit’ features and champions other sports, to demonstrate how swimming can complement and improve fitness and training. It challenges people to question their current fitness regime and bring swimming into it, by advocating how sports can work together.

Speedo courted ad agency iris, which recently launched the Team Speedo ‘Winning Elements’ campaign, to elevate the reputation of the sport.

Part of a fully integrated campaign, the 60-second film will be shown in 1.20” and 30” formats, with assets available for adaption for local markets. The integrated campaign will be adopted globally in the 170 regions Speedo is present and will run across TVC, social, digital and print.

Andy Taylor, executive creative director, iris: "Elite athletes and fitness enthusiasts are constantly seeking out marginal gains to improve their performance. This film highlights one of the most significant, yet often overlooked, gains you can add to any fitness routine."

Jamie Cornforth, VP of product and marketing, Speedo: “The idea was a completely different approach for Speedo, in looking at how swimming could actually benefit performance in other sports. We wanted to challenge convention and routine; the film we’ve created shows so much passion, focus and dedication that I hope it will encourage fitness fans to do the same, to help build a global swim movement.”