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Durex pens open letter to Unicode to bolster #CondomEmoji campaign

Durex has penned an open letter to the Unicode Consortium, calling for a condom emoji to be added to the emoji keyboard.

The letter follows on from the brand's #CondomEmoji campaign which was launched ahead of World AIDs Day last year in a bid to help young people communicate about safe-sex.

Using a mixture of text and icons, the letter reads: "Dear Unicode, this week you're meeting to discuss new emojis for smartphones. We believe #CondomEmoji should be one of them! Remember it?"

The message then goes on to say that including a the icon would empower young people across the world and allow them to "talk openly" about contraception.

The push to get the icon recognised by Unicode, which is widely used on iOs and Android systems, is supported by the AIDs Foundation of Chicago, the Terrence Higgins Trust and MTV's Staying Alive foundation.

The project claims that emoji is a "language" in its own right for millennials, pointing out that young people already use other characters like hot dogs and peaches to discuss sex online.