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Tennent’s parodies VisitScotland ads to promote its new Wellpark animated comedy shorts hub

Tennent’s Lager has went all in with its Wellpark creative, launching a mock VisitScotland-style video, dubbed 'Visit Wellpark', to promote a new website which will host all of its animated content.

The Scottish lager brand has created a fictional Scottish town called Wellpark (also the name of its Glasgow-based brewery), with an supporting interactive video to showcase its animated shorts and the "patter" that represents the lager.

The video is also narrated by fictional documentarian Neil Brawhair and carries the unique illustration style and tongue-in-cheek tone adopted by the series.

Accompanying the site, Tennent’s released a statement: "What fictional tourist destination would be complete without a promotional video narrated by a national treasure? In the latest episode of Tennent’s animated comedy series, Neil Brawhair welcomes the world to Wellpark, a fictional town designed to sell you beer. Neil runs through a number of the town’s innumerable redeeming features in his own inimitable style."

The platform will seed all of the Wellpark content online, linking through to the videos on YouTube. Furthermore, the "fictional town designed to sell you beer" contains many additional bits of humour and easter eggs relating to the wider series.

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