Failed Q&A app Jelly resurrected as AI powered search engine


By John Glenday, Reporter

April 29, 2016 | 2 min read

Twitter co-founder Biz Stone is to have a second stab at making a success of his Jelly Q&A app by re-launching the service as an AI powered search engine for iOS and web users.

The products raison d’etre sees it grant users the ability to ask questions anonymously which the app can then answer by routing the query to the person best equipped to answer it by applying artificial intelligence algorithms.

Unlike Google this will see another human draft the response, giving a more accurate and tailored answer than the often generic results of a traditional search engine, although this will necessarily result in a small time delay.

Stone observed: "Only Jelly can say you asked the wrong question. Only Jelly can give you answers you wanted but didn’t think to ask. Only Jelly will deliver a thoughtful answer to your anonymous question. This is all because Jelly is humanity plus technology."

A key feature of the revamped service is the anonymity it affords, something which Stone believes will encourage more personal and open queries, for those in no rush to obtain an answer. Stone also dismissed concern that trolls could subvert the service by signing up to provide answers under false pretences, only to abuse those seeking help.

Stone added: “We all have an instinct to help. Studies have shown that helping others releases the same brain chemical as winning money. Our incentive to help is wired in.”


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