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By Natan Edelsburg, SVP

April 1, 2016 | 4 min read

Comedy Central has been on fire for the past year, especially when it comes to digital and social. It does help that their business is humor which is what the internet thrives on. At their upfront today all the stars were in house at NYC's The Town Hall including Amy Schumer, Trevor Noah, Abbi Jacobson, Ilana Glazer and more.

During the presentation the comedians made sure to make fun of internet celebrities, which included a clip where Doug the Pug (one of the internet's most famous dogs who has over 1.5 million followers on Instagram) was interviewed. Found Remote caught up with the stars at the after party of the upfront to ask them what they think of influencers. See Found Remote's full Snapchat Story from the night above.

Yesterday on the eve of their upfront, the network and President of Original Programming Kent Alterman announced nine new series exclusively for their Snapchat Discovery channel and the renewal of four existing series. Comedy Central was an early partner and launched their first series on Snapchat only in December. Comedy Central is proving that Snapchat is very important for TV and here to stay. Here are the series.


  • “Quickie with Nikki” – Nikki Glaser’s complement to “Not Safe with Nikki Glaser” will continue showcasing Glaser’s playful and unapologetic look at sex. Since its premiere last October. “Quickie with Nikki” has been Comedy Central’s best performing Snapchat original series.
  • “Swag-A-Saurus with James Davis” – “hood adjacent” comedian, James Davis, continues to give viewers a weekly lesson about some of today’s hottest slang. Each week, Davis breaks down a term from the slang lexicon, enlightening fans to what they’ve been pretending to know all along. Matthew Vaughan directs.
  • “Like it with Liza” – Liza Treyger, who is addicted to consumption, pays homage to her addiction letting viewers know what they should consume and why – from what to buy, who to follow on Instagram, what to watch on TV, and what to check out on YouTube after getting high.
  • “Hot Takes with Brandon Wardell” – written by Brandon Wardell and Andy Haynes, the worlds of pop culture, social media and music merge as they are seen through the eyes of Brandon Wardell.


  • “7 Mins in Purgatory” – created by Ian Abramson, each episode centers on five comedians who must perform their acts in an empty space devoid of an audience which watches and reacts from another location where the comedians can't hear them.
  • “Animal-Lolz” – from heartbroken penguins to alcoholic monkeys, comedian Joe Zimmerman (“The Half Hour”) shares a new, totally true animal fact with us each week. Short animations by Charlie Hankin bring to life Joe's musings about each animal.
  • “Bert’s Dreams” – Bert Kreischer has some pretty crazy dreams and he loves to share them with people. In this series, animated by Johnny McHone, Kreischer’s dreams come to life via animated recreations.
  • “Deadliest Chef” – comedian Caleb Synan finds himself failing upward in world of reality TV cooking shows.
  • “Guber Pool” – From sketch team Dollar Pizza, comes a sketch series about the newest frontier in awkward interactions, ride sharing apps.
  • “Messages From the Future” – Comedian Julio Torres lives in the future and is sending us urgent messages to help save us from our dark, apocalyptic fate -- but also he's hoping that you can find the umbrella that he lost and bring it to him in the future.
  • “The Lounge” – written and created by the Hudson Brothers (Dylan, Trent, Justin, Brandon and Devin), this animated series follows four best friends who work together at a middle school in Missouri. None of them are teachers, all of them are assholes.
  • “You’re Wrong” – Mike Lawrence (“Inside Amy Schumer”) is an angry nerd with strong opinions. He's here to tell you why your take on everything from Batman to Ryan Reynolds is wrong.
  • Untitled Late Night Series – Created by Emily Candini and co-written by Emily Candini and Dave Horwitz, this series exposes exactly what goes on during the commercial breaks in between late night interview segments.

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