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By John Glenday | Reporter

March 9, 2016 | 2 min read

The Advertising Standards Authority has rejected 140 complaints directed at an ‘unrealistic’ department for education (DfE) video asserting that teachers in England could earn ‘up to £65k as a great teacher’.

Critics pointed out that such a bounty was only available in certain regions and was subject to eligibility, putting this upper ceiling out of reach for most. The National Union of Teachers also weighed in, noting that most teachers faced five years of pay of one per cent pay increases.

Dismissing arguments that this figure was exaggerated the ASA sided with the government in noting that the high salary was ‘aspirational but achievable’.

To back up its position the DfE produced figures showing that in November 2014 there were 12,845 teachers earning £65k or more – with 485 of these working in classrooms.

In a statement the ASA said: “We considered that viewers were likely to understand that the salary information represented a pay scale, from starting salary to an aspirational but achievable salary for "good" or "great" teachers, including those who had progressed to senior or leadership roles."

The Get into Teaching campaign is designed to address a skills shortage in the sector with many head teachers warning of shortages.

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