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By Minda Smiley, Reporter

January 28, 2016 | 1 min read

Global calling app Rebtel has rolled out a cheeky spot that makes fun of the advertising industry’s obsession with creating ads that show carefree, attractive millennials as they jump into lakes, run through fields and explore cities – but don’t actually explain to viewers what the brand is trying to sell.

The ad starts out innocently enough, with footage of young people breakdancing, singing at a concert and cuddling on a beach while inspiring music plays in the background and a voiceover rambles on about the importance of speech.

About twenty-seconds in, the voiceover has a change of heart.

“Are we really doing this? Really? Another one of these cinematic montages of random inspirational clips set over some poetic monologue of vague meaningless bullshit?” he says.

He then goes on to call out companies who think that “if they show how multicultural and in touch with the streets they are, then everyone is going to rush out and buy whatever they are selling.”

After his rant, the exasperated narrator finally gets to the brand’s message: “Internet-free international calling. $1 a month.”


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