By John Glenday, Reporter

January 11, 2016 | 2 min read

An Australian lamb commercial has come under fire for its depiction of military operations during Australia Day, traditionally a time moment of anger and reflection for indigenous people, as well as for poking fun at vegans.

Created by Meat and Livestock Australia, 'Operation Boomerang' depicts a global military operation to bring home ex-pat’s for a lamb meal; including famous Australians such as Wallabies captain Stephen Moore and former cricketer Mitchel Johnson.

Far from unifying the country however the piece has sown division amongst some with critics pointing out that the insensitivity of appropriating the indigenous word ‘boomerang’ to welcome the return of white European settlers.

Feminist writer Ruby Hamad, explained that the ad “probably wouldn’t be so bad if not for the ‘boomerang’ ”, adding: “The issue with the ad is that it appropriates a specific aspect of a culture that is often derided and mocked in order to promote a supposed shared cultural celebration which also happens to be one that many Aboriginal people feel largely excluded from because it has come at the expense of their own culture and history.”

Australia Day marks the arrival of the first European settlers in the country but has become mired in controversy with some branding it Invasion Day.