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The Onion launches satirical ‘PC Does What?!’ Facebook campaign on behalf of Intel, Dell, Lenovo & HP

Satirical news magazine The Onion has launched a comedy Facebook campaign seeking to help people avoid turning into their parents by purchasing a new, youthful, PC.

Backed by Intel, Dell, Lenovo & HP ‘PC Does What?!’ stars Saturday Night Live favourite Kenan Thompson who plays the role of self-help guru Dr Jimm who assists guests in choosing the right computer for their needs.

Young Man Reveals Secret

One young man is aging faster than normal. Can Dr. Jimm save him?

Posted by The Dr. Jimm Show on Wednesday, November 18, 2015

This highlights the capabilities of the latest generation of machines which can produce high quality sound, boast up to 18 hours battery life and larger screens with small bezels.

In a series of video exchanges Jimm meets a range of guests from Kevin who can’t find his heating pad vouchers, Anna who likes being called ‘ma’am’ and Shawn who wants something engraved with his initials for his birthday.

To help them out of their predicaments Dr Jimm showcases a range of hi-tech gadgets prompting his amazed guests to remark 'PC does whaaat?!'

The campaign forms part of an exclusive partnership between The Onion and Facebook Anthology programme, designed to connect advertisers with digital media.

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