'Don't hire women' is former Scottish Sun editor Jack Irvine's solution to the business gender gap

"Don't Employ Women" was the unlikely tongue-in-cheek and knowingly controversial response by former Scottish Sun editor Jack Irvine when asked to offer a solution to the gender pay gap in PR.

Irvine was participating in a question and answer session on the PR sector when offering his advice on solving the continued trend of women earning less than men, despite the sector historically employing more women than men.

Irvine's comments follow research from the Chartered Management Institute of over 68,000 managers across the UK in 2014 indeed showed there was a dramatic pay gap across the genders that only widened with age as more males gain seniority in the industry.

Men were found to earn 35 per cent more than their female colleagues at the executive level.

During the short interview, the Media House chief also revealed his dislike for the term PR, staring his preference for "crisis management" or "public affairs" instead.

He also offered Virgin boss Richard Branson as the answer when asked to name someone he both admired and was annoyed by.

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