UK ad chiefs signal their predictions of success with Tastemade and Blockchain Capital

UK ad chiefs have revealed that they would be more willing to invest in pioneering food and travel video network Tastemade and Blockchain Capital than the likes of Twitter, Virgin Galactic or Pinterest.

The findings come from IPA’s recent mission to the US where a number of leading UK adlanders networked with the heads of the companies over theoretical investments.

Dale Gall, chief executive of UK Lowe Profero and Simon Crunden, director at Republic of Media were among those who chose Tastemade over the larger and more established companies in the industry.

Gall said: “Tastemade is a great idea, representing the new wave of emerging media brands that span earned media platforms, creators, smart content that has the right level of freshness and production values – all at the right price. It is scalable, has a strong, charismatic leadership team that have done it before.”

Blockchain Capital – the first Venture Capital fund dedicated to Bitcoin and blockchain technology – was also of major interest to the delegation, taking joint second place and much of the debate in terms of where they would theroretically put their money.

Ed Warren, founding partner at Creature of London, said: “If I was playing the long game I would invest in BlockChain Capital, once you start chasing the idea of non-replicable digital objects the possible applications are endless and stretch far beyond BitCoin.”

The votes where spread across 15 ad chief executives, five of which chose Tastemade. BlockChain received two votes while Snapchat was the third most popular with three votes.

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