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The top 10 most pirated shows of October 2015

​October was quite an interesting month in the deep seas of The Pirate Bay, Kick Ass Torrents and Torrentz.EU. According to our data partner, SimilarWeb, The Walking Dead was number one around the world. Ratings went down for the AMC zombie mega-series in October but this might just be a case of linear ratings not painting as clear a picture as the digital world does.

On the other hand, AMC was able to premiere prequel, Fear The Walking Dead globally but didn't launch The Walking Dead in the same way. One guess why they didn't is because of syndication deals that were setup before AMC International (which is just two years old in it's current state) had more feeds across the world. This could have potentially affected the uber fans who went to torrenting instead of waiting. Here are the charts and insights.

  • The Walking Dead ‘killed’ it once again, and the show sits comfortably atop the ranking of all 3 torrenting sites. Season 6 has finally begun and fans are flocking to torrenting sites desperate for their fix.
  • Where did Rick and Morty go? The adventurous duo lost a ton of traffic across all 3 torrenting sites; in September the show ranked #1 on Kick Ass Torrents and in October it didn’t even crack the top 10!
  • Torrent users are huge fans of superhero shows and have put 3 such shows in the top ten on all 3 sites. The Flash, Arrow, and Gotham all performed well in October.
  • The Flash, in particular, was incredibly popular in October and it’s safe to say fans are pretty excited the show was renewed for a second season.
  • Are fans finished downloading Narcos? The popular Netflix show was one of the most torrented shows in September but failed to crack any of the October top 10 lists.
  • Homeland has returned to the rankings and performed well on kickasstorrents, and but inexplicably was shut out of The Pirate Bay. What do pirates have against Homeland?
  • For yet another month The Big Bang Theory has done well and the show it being downloaded like crazy by users of all major torrenting sites. Its highest rank was on where the show garnered 14% of the traffic.
  • Two other shows that performed well in October were South Park and Limitless. The major difference between them is that while this is Limitless’ first season, South Park has been around for almost 20 years.
  • Not even Halloween could help American Horror Story. The horror anthology, which had its finale in October, only made one of the top 10 lists and sits at number 6 on The Pirate Bay.
  • Another show that struggled to make the rankings this month was Modern Family which only ranked 10th on Torrent users are clearly not big fans of the ABC comedy.

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