Halloween 2015: Creepy campaigns from Tesco, Airbnb, Chipotle, Tetley, Sainsbury's and more

By Gillian West, Social media manager



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October 29, 2015 | 14 min read

Once again brands, agencies and more have been trying to spook us this Halloween.

So whilst you put the final touches to your costumes and haunted houses, take a look at this scary bunch out trick or treating this year.

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Tesco: Introducing Spookermarket

Brand: Tesco

Title(s): Introducing Spookermarket

Agency: BBH London

Tesco has created a social campaign to help customers enhance their Halloween celebrations easily and conveniently, by serving up entertaining content and genuinely helpful advice.

‘Spookermarket’ launches with a humourous online film set in a Tesco supermarket which has been given a spooky makeover. Hidden cameras capture the reactions of unsuspecting customers as they encounter a series of spooky situations.

Viewers are then driven to four fun, helpful 40 second videos that demonstrate how people can achieve the same impressive spooks at home.

Jaffa Cakes: Halloween Jaffa Cakes

Brand: Jaffa Cakes

Title(s): Halloween Jaffa Cakes

Agency: Springetts

McVitie’s Cakes has launched three new limited edition Halloween Jaffa Cake packs, designed by Springetts.

Building on the masterbrand relaunch earlier this year, all three packs feature a wealth of scary imagery. The variant names change to something scarier (Lemon & Slime and Zingy Orange) and the flavours becomes brightly coloured fruit ghosts. Mummies also feature on pack.

A major innovation is the Trick or Treat House. This haunted house shaped pack contains 14 assorted cake bars and is designed for sharing at Halloween parties.

Reese's: Make it a Perfect Halloween

Brand: Reese's

Title(s): Make it a Perfect Halloween

Agency: Viacom Velocity

Reese’s spooky spot features the headless horseman and his flaming pumpkin noggin’.

The pair’s tumultuous relationship comes to a head when the horseman denies his other half a chocolate fix, sticking a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup in the Jack-o’-Lantern’s eye rather than his mouth.

Created by Viacom Velocity, the ad was shot at Alder Manor in Yonkers using a puppeteer and CGI effects.

Airbnb: Halloween Night in Paris' Catacombs

Brand: Airbnb

Title(s): Halloween Night in Paris Catacombs

This year’s Halloween campaign from Airbnb aims to appeal to those looking for a change from the usual festivities.

The holiday rental site is offering fans the chance to escape pint-sized pirates and mini goblins by spending the night in the world’s largest grace – Paris’ catacombs, home to six million souls.

House rules include ‘no tricks, but plenty of treats’, and ‘no bobbing for apples in the Catacomb pools’.

House Network: Ghost Free Service

Brand: House Network

Title(s): Ghost Free Service

House hunters will no longer have to worry about their new home being haunted, thanks to a pioneering new service being launched by online estate agent House Network.

To offer its Ghost-Free Certification service the estate agent has teamed up with the UK’s leading paranormal investigators, The Ghostfinder Paranormal Society, who will carry out checks for supernatural activity on request.

Research has shown that properties suspected to be haunted can retail for considerably below the market value, but through Ghost-Free Certification, House Network will provide complete visibility on both sides of the sale.

Buyers can rest easy that their new home will be absent spooky spirts, while sellers can finally prove that they’re not hiding any ghostly skeletons in their cupboards.

Asda: Tricks and Treats

Brand: Asda

Title(s): Tricks and Treats

Asda's got everything you need for a weird, wonderful and wicked Halloween - from scary costumes, party props and terrorific treats - Asda is your one stop shop for spooky fun.

Diabetes UK: Dress Diabolical

Brand: Diabetes UK

Title(s): Dress Diabolical

Agency: Manifesto Digital / Killer Creative

Scary clowns and crazed pirates have brought to life the horrors of office life in a series of new videos promoting Diabetes UK’s Halloween event, Dress Diabolical.

The charity is daring people to Dress Diabolical for Halloween, wearing their most terrifying outfits on Friday, 30 October, to raise much-needed funds. It is the first non-active mass participation event for the charity, and it is targeting offices, colleges and schools.

The videos, filmed in the charity’s headquarters in Camden, show what happens when Halloween spirits takes over the workplace. A scary clown, played by Diabetes UK chief executive Chris Askew, terrifies one employee, a pirate’s motley crew threaten one particularly dull meeting, and a Frankenstein’s monster delivers sickening food around the office.

It concludes with the caption board: “Work can be scary…diabetes doesn’t have to be.”

Sainsbury's: Halloween 2015

Brand: Sainsbury's

Title(s): Halloween 2015

Sainsbury's has released a 'Spooky Speaker' app in time for Halloween with a spooky Halloween-themed ad to boot. The TV spot is in keeping with the supermarket's long-standing 'Live Well For Less' brand campaign.

Candy Kittens: The scariest vending machine in London this Halloween!

Brand: Candy Kittens

Title(s): The scariest vending machine in London this Halloween!

Candy Kittens, the gourmet gummy sweet brand, unveiled its 'Dead Good' Halloween vending machine in Shoreditch, London - resulting in a choir of screams from unassuming passers-by who were tempted by the free treats, because all was not as it seemed…

Continuing the fright fest, the Candy Kittens Dead Good vending Machine will be at Topshop Oxford Street, on the 30 and 31st of October.

Chipotle: Endless Line

Brand: Chipotle

Title(s): Endless Line

Chipotle’s annual ‘boorito’ stunt that allows any customer dressed up on Halloween to get a burrito for $3 has a new twist this year: customers now have to add something "unneces-sary" to their costume if they want to get a discount.

In ‘Endless Line,’ the idea behind this year’s odd request is explained when a woman accidentally walks into a creepy ‘Cheapotle’ – a knockoff of Chipotle that uses unncessary, artificial ingredients in its food.

Dos Equis: The Most Interesting Man in the World on Vampires

Brand: Dos Equis

Title(s): The Most Interesting Man in the World on Vampires

Dos Equis' Halloween spot feature the brand's iconic 'Most Interesting Man in the World' telling viewers how to best celebrate the holiday.

Forever Manchester: Little Print Shop of Horrors

Brand: Forever Manchester

Titles: Little Print Shop of Horrors

Agency: Creative Spark

Creative Spark’s annual Little Print Shop of Horrors has reopened once again in time for Halloween to raise money for Forever Manchester.

The award agency has once again teamed up with designers internally and externally to create a series of horror movie posters, this year themed around award-winning horror.

The designers all chose a classic horror movie for their limited edition poster and are competing to raise the most money for the Manchester based charity. 11 new posters have been released for sale including spins on classic films such as Beetlejuice, Jurassic Park and Sleepy Hollow.

Tetley: Sculpted Gaffer Pumpkin

Brand: Tetley

Title(s): Sculpted Gaffer Pumpkin

To celebrate Halloween, Tetley wanted to give its Facebook and Twitter fans a tea-riffic treat by showcasing a time-lapse video of a sculpted Gaffer!

Designed to drive excitement around the spooky season, the short clip shows the mascot being carved into a pumpkin.

Pizza Hut: How to Win at Halloween

Brand: Pizza Hut

Title(s): How to Win at Halloween

Pizza Hut's latest ad shows viewers how they can win at Halloween with creative costumes, scary pranks, and of course the best treats (including pizza).

According to the chain, Halloween is one of the five biggest pizza nights of the year. To celebrate the holiday, Pizza Hut is offering a two-liter of Pepsi for $1 with any order of Twisted Crust Pizza.

Groupon: Win a DIY mummy costume

Brand: Groupon

Title(s): Win a DIY mummy costume

To celebrate Halloween, Groupon is giving away 50 mummy costumes that’ll put your fellow party-goers efforts to shame. The free-to-enter competition will put you in with a chance of winning a specially designed costume that’s ultra-soft, and strong. Using patented 3 Ply technology, the costume can be self-assembled using an easy rolling technique. The costumes come in a pack of 9, meaning it’s possible to dress all your friends too in matching outfits.The prize draw is free to enter and is available online.

Parker Dairies: Deliveries before dawn

Deliveries Before Dawn from Chris & Ben on Vimeo.

Brand: Parker Dairies

Title(s): Deliveries before dawn

Agency: Bare Films

The film follows a few key characters (both real employees of Parkers Dairy and actors) behind the scenes of the Walthamstow dairy and out on the delivery rounds. It just so happens these milkmen are vampires, with subtle nods to the horror genre revealed as the story unfolds

DigitasLBi: Internet of Pumpkins

Agency: DigitasLBi

Title(s): Internet of Pumpkins

In time for Halloween, a blended team of DigitasLBi creatives and technologists has created a pumpkin which ‘trick or treats’ unsuspecting Wi-Fi users, to demonstrate the potential data security risks when connecting to public Wi-Fi. The pumpkin contains a modified piece of Wi-Fi penetration testing equipment commonly used by security professionals (and criminals), and is carved with the words ‘trick or treat’.

Unsuspecting users connecting to the pumpkin’s free Wi-Fi hotspot on their mobile device receive a trick or a treat, delivered via a captive portal on their phone. While some users receive a voucher for a tasty Halloween treat, others are tricked with fake cracks and errors appearing on their screen, representing the fraud and theft which can sometimes happen in the real world. Once the user has received the trick or treat, the pumpkin serves them some practical tips on using Wi-Fi safely.

Allen & Gerritsen: Pix-O'-Lantern

Agency: Allen & Gerritsen

Title(s): Pix-O'-Lantern

Allen & Gerritsen has created a digitally carve-able jack-o'-lantern using 256 LED lights and a 45-pound pumpkin. A custom app serves as the carving tool and the 16x16 grid of LEDs acts as the canvas. The lights respond in real time when someone draws on the app.

The pumpkin is living in the agency's Philadelphia office and is being livestreamed into its Boston office so all employees can have a chance to play with the app and make their own creations. A webcam controlled through the app takes a picture of each carving when it is finished, which is then sent to the creator's email so they can view and share it.

All photos will be aggregated on a microsite where people can vote for their favorite carvings. The top three will win a prize. According to the agency, this Halloween project gave the A&G Labs team a chance to improve their skills when it comes to connecting an app to a physical device and enabling the two to interact in real-time.

BMW: It's not witchcraft. It's BMW night vision

Brand: BMW

Title(s): It's not witchcraft. It's BMW night vision.

Agency: FCBInferno

BMW have released a new Halloween social post, promoting their scarily good Night Vision. The technology uses thermal imaging to identify people, larger animals and witches in the dark.

Oreo: Halloween Oreoke

Brand: Oreo

Title(s): Halloween Oreoke

Agency: FCBInferno

Earlier this year Oreo launched a new global campaign, Wonderfilled, rekindling a sense of wonder and unleashing the child in all of us.

A series of supporting online videos called ‘Oreoke’s’ have been developed to bring Wonderfilled into the real world with timely content to brighten up the mundane every day.

The latest spooky Halloween edition imagines the effect Oreo could have on a night of trick or treating.


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