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How brands embraced Back to the 'Future Day,' by Marty McFly Jr.

By Marty McFly Jr. , Contributor

October 21, 2015 | 15 min read

Marty McFly Jr. is a high school student trying to straighten his life out. He’s currently contributing to The Drum’s Found Remote as an intern. He covers DeLoreans, Flux Capacitors, hover boards, and anything related to the future.

Back to the Future

Back to the Future

What a day! My dad, Marty Sr., doesn’t realize it by I actually know that today is the day the 1985 version of himself and our family friend Doc Brown arrive to 2015 for the first time. Happy 'Future Day'! I scored interviews with Toyota, 3M, fans and even the author of the new book.

I couldn’t have picked a better outlet to describe how brands embraced this historic day in Hill Valley’s history. The Drum’s Found Remote covers the future of TV in such a superb way that I asked them if I could be the one to describe how some of the world’s biggest brands, embraced “Future Day” on TV and in real life. Here it goes:

TV talk shows:

NBC News: TODAY Show:

My dad, Marty McFly, grandma, Lorraine Baines McFly and our family friend scientist Doc Brownwere on some of the top morning shows..

They started the morning on TODAY the morning show on NBC News. Here’s a animated GIF of Doc Brown, the scientist getting out of his old DeLorean.

Live! With Kelly and Michael: Later in the morning my dad went on Live! With Kelly and Michael discussing the past 30 years of his life. He always tells me that back then it was pretty heavy.

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Later tonight he’ll be on Jimmy Kimmel Live on ABC, hopefully revealing the 2015 Nike Mag that just came out (all proceeds will go to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research).



Outside of the Fox and Friends studio, 3M produced an amazing gold DeLorean that they brought all the way from their home state of Minnesota. Found Remote interviewed Collin Hummel about how they used their product to make the DeLorean gold. There are only three other gold DeLoreans in the world and one is selling for $250,000.


My dad had this “dream car” back in 1985, a Toyota 4x4. The auto maker decided to bring it back today by unveiling their all new Tacoma that looks exactly like my dad’s original. Found Remote interviewed Corey Proffitt, Toyota's East Coast Communications Manager about the launch in Times Square. They also released a new video with my dad and the doc.


My dad and doc:

Universal Pictures:

The studio behind my dad’s trilogy released an amazing collector’s edition of the DVD set, including the animated series and a new video short with Doc Brown. They also released an extensive 64-page book of photos and props.

At 30 Rock, Universal's headquarter, employees got to take photos with me all day.

A photo posted by Natan Edelsburg (@twatan) on

Also, there was a major screening of the movie and a panel with my dad, grandma and Doc.

The panel cheering for the White House using Future Day to celebrate science. #backtothefuture A photo posted by Natan Edelsburg (@twatan) on

Here's my dad, grandma and Doc talking about which inventions they're glad don't exist in 2015 from the film. My dad did not enjoy his hover board as much as you might think.

Outside the theater, I caught up with Michael Klastorin, the author of our the new "Back to the Future: Ultimate Visual History," book. He was the unit publicist for the second and third movies and discussed what it was like making the book.

Here's an interview with one of the biggest fans of the day, who had been waiting online for the screening since 7am (and she even ditched school, something I do very often myself).

Fan who has been waiting on line since 7am for the screening. #backtothefuture A video posted by Natan Edelsburg (@twatan) on

Lyft: The popular ride-sharing service was offering DeLorean rides across the town. Unfortunately the drives were too busy for me to ride in one but it was still a very cool and timely activation.

USA Today: Thankfully I was passed out at Cafe 80s today and didn’t end up joining Griff and his gang for a robbery. USA Today’s robots predicted I did though incorrectly but still decided to release the headline front page of my arrest as souvenir.

Calling all Back to the Future Trilogy fans: Does this look familiar? You can own one tomorrow -- grab a USA TODAY newspaper on Thursday! And Happy Back To the Future Day.

Posted by USA TODAY on Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Tonight at the screening, I even grabbed a copy of the paper that will come out tomorrow showing that I didn't go to jail!

Great way to end #futureday with @bac2_the_future.

A photo posted by Natan Edelsburg (@twatan) on

Pepsi: Pepsi decided to launch Pepsi Perfect to everyone else outside of Hill Valley. It was limited edition and sold out instantly.

Nike: After much anticipation, Nike is finally making plans to release the self-tie Nike Air Mags. At least we hope. As mentioned above, I hope by dad tries them on tonight on Jimmy Kimmel. I can tell you from first hand experience that they're pretty cool. Here's my dad trying them on backstage.

Secret Cinema: The popular production group that creates insanely detailed day long interactive screenings has hinted at recreating the Back to the Future Secret cinema that was already very popular in London and LA. Screen Junkies: The popular creators of Honest Trailers released the parody trailer for the trilogy today and it’s a must see.

Burger King: The fast food chain launched hover trays just in time for Future Day!


The auto maker is allowing you to customize a 2016 Ford Fiesta or Focus with a Flux Capacitor until 2016 so you can see what it would look like in the dashboard.


This company might actually have the recipe to allow today's entrepreneurs to develop more self-tying shows and a self-drying jacket. They provided step by step instructions on how to use littlebits to build the self drying jacket and a mini-BitLorean.

How is this possible? The company’s "innovative building blocks snap together with magnets to allow anyone to build, invent, and prototype with electronics independent of age, gender and technical background – no soldering, wiring, or programming required."

Back in Time:

Last but not least the detailed documentary about the making of the films hits Netflix today!

Did I miss any brands? Definitely let us know in the comments.

Your friend in time,

Marty McFly Jr.

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