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The Barbarian Group: Brisk 'Kinda Out There''

Brand: Brisk

Title: Kinda Out There

Agency: The Barbarian Group

Agency Website:

Chief Creative Officer: Edu Pou

Associate Creative Director: Stephen Petronis

Senior Copywriter: Tucker Loosbrock

Copywriter: Alex Schaeffer

Art Director: Abbas Deidehban

Additional Credits: Designer: Caelin Cacciatore

Designer: Danielle Zeisler

Designer: Alex Lang

Senior Producer: Nalina Baratz

Associate Producer: David Chester

Senior Media & Distribution Lead: Kim Jimenez

Community Manager: Vanessa Cagno

Head of Account Management Sherri Chambers

Account Executive: Sunchia Eckert

Senior Strategy Director: Felix Yip

Junior Strategist: Rachel Thompson

Published: September 2015

Short Rationale: Throughout 2015, The Barbarian Group has been tasked with bringing the characters on Brisk's cans - which include Bernie the Shark, Gary The Lemon, and Beta Bull - to life as part of Brisk's 'Kinda Out There' campaign. The latest effort is a spot that uniquely features each character.

Droga5: Clearasil 'Teacher Truths'

Brand: Clearasil

Title: Teacher Truths

Agency: Droga5 NY

Agency Website:

Creative Chairman: David Droga

Chief Creative Officer: Ted Royer

Group Creative Director: Tim Gordon

Copywriter: Sarah Lloyd

Art Director: Mary Dauterman

Design Director: Rich Greco

Senior Designer: Joseph Dasaro

Additional Credits: Chief Creation Officer: Sally-Ann Dale

Head of Broadcast Production: Ben Davies

Group Integrated Production Manager: Topher Lorette

Executive Broadcast Producer: Adam Perloff

Associate Producer: Jacqueline Omanoff

Head of Interactive Production: Niklas Lindstrom

Senior Interactive Producer: Tasha Cronin

Head of Art Production: Cliff Lewis

Associate Social Producer: Gabrielle Nicoletti

Global Chief Strategy Officer: Jonny Bauer

Strategy Director: Will Davie

Senior Brand Strategist: Danielle Travers

Social Strategy Director: Tom Hyde

Senior Social Strategist: Calvin Stowell

Data Strategy Director: Lily Ng

Data Strategist: Kaveri Gautam

Social Manager: Maureen O’Brien

Communications Strategy Director: Samantha Deevy

Group Account Director: Olivia Legere

Account Director: Megan Gokey

Account Manager: Ashton Atlas

Project Manager: Rayna Lucier

Integrated Production Business Affairs Manager: Tom Vendittelli

Production Company: Caviar Content

Director: Neal Brennan

DOP: Andrew Wheeler

Executive Producer: Michael Sagol

Producer: Megan Porche

Editorial: Mackenzie Cutler

Editor: Ryan Steele

Assistant Editor: Zoe Newman

Executive Producer: Sasha Hirschfeld

Post Production: Ricart and Co.

Executive Producer: Marcus Lansdell

Colorist: Seth Ricart

Sound Mixer: Chris Afzal

Published: October 2015

Short Rationale: This summer, Droga5 launched its first campaign for Clearasil called 'Let's Be Clear.' The agency has launched the second installment of the campaign, entitled 'Teacher Truths,' that aims to reassure teenagers that although many things do last forever, acne is not one of them.

In the short film, real teachers humorously discuss what they go through year after year. Whether it's hearing uranus jokes or watching kids go through puberty, the teachers reassure high school students that adolescence, high school and teenage acne will eventually end, even if for teachers there is no end in sight.

At the end of the video, viewers are encouraged to participate in the #TeacherTruthsContest – a chance for teens to enter to win a $5,000 scholarship from Clearasil if they submit their teachers’ teacher truths on Twitter or Instagram.

Mullen Lowe: Ulta Beauty 'First Haircut'

Brand: Ulta Beauty

Title: Breast Cancer Survivor's First Haircut

Agency: Mullen Lowe (Winston-Salem)

Agency Website:

Chief Creative Officer: Mark Wenneker

Executive Creative Director: Jason Black

Group Creative Director: Christy Blain

Copywriter: Tara Nelson

ACD/Art Director: Chad Laughlin

Additional Credits: Head of Production: Susanna Gates Rose O'Connell

Sr. Agency Producer: Keith Rose

Group Account Director: Anne Elwell

Account Director: Mandy Hubich

Account Supervisor: Mary Boyd Chenery

Account Coordinator: Kellie Sinkele

Production Company: The Original Chicken Boy

Director: Mark Miks

Executive Producer: Jeff Tannebring

Director of Photographer: Mark Miks

Editorial Company: Beast, Chicago

Editor: Matt Glover

Assistant Editor: Melissa Weinmann

Telecine: Company 3

Colorist: Tyler Roth

Visual Effects: Method Studios

Flame Artists: Brandan Baki

Music: Asche and Spencer

Audio Post: Ozone Music and Sound

Published: October 2015

Short Rationale: Ulta Beauty has created a video about a breast cancer survivor's first haircut in an effort to raise funds for breast cancer research during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The two-minute film features a palindromic narration written by Tracy DeSoto, who is featured in the video.

According to Ulta Beauty, the company has raised more than $10m for breast cancer research since 2009. To further raise funds, consumers can snap a selfie of their best 'pink look' and for every photo tagged #UltaPinkOver during the month of October, Ulta Beauty will donate $1 to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (up to $20,000).

Estudio Iuvaro: Emiliana Vineyards 'Birds of Paradise'

Brand: Emiliana Vineyards

Title: Birds of Paradise

Agency: Estudio Iuvaro

Agency Website:

Creative Director: Cecilia Iuvaro

Additional Credits: Team Iuvaro

Published: September 2015

Short Rationale: "Our world needs the presence of nature and not industrialized things. Birds of Paradise conveys concepts as natural, handmade, craft materials, sustainable, organic, recycle and environmental friendly. This name refers to the beauty and fragility of birds of paradise, the result of biodynamic agriculture in response to the natural balance of the sun, moon and planets. Respect is earned, honesty is appreciated, trust is gained, loyalty is returned."

The VIA Agency: Effie Awards 'Not every idea is a good idea'

Brand: Effie Awards

Title: Not every idea is a good idea

Agency: The VIA Agency

Agency Website:

Executive Creative Director: Amos Goss

Executive Creative Director: Teddy Stoecklein

Group Creative Director: Jake Benjamin

ACD, Art: Bobby Pfieffenberger

Sr. Copywriter: Kristen Kriisa

Sr. Art Director: Mikael Kriisa

ACD, Copy: Chris Jacobs

Additional Credits: Client Strategist: Luke Stevens

Executive Director of Production: Mary Hanifin

Production: Assembly Films

Director: Christopher Bean

Executive Producer: Gloria Colangelo

Executive Producer: Becky Donahue

Line Producer: Kyra DeMarco

Director of Photography: Gerry Wenner

Post-Production: The RecRoom

Editor: Bryan Moak

Audio: Yessian

Weston Fonger

Casting: Sidecar

Casting Director: Anthony Pichette

Published: October 2015

Short Rationale: For the Effie Awards 2016 call for entries, The VIA Agency created a humorous campaign called 'Not every is a good idea' that pokes fun at the ridiculous advice advertising professionals hear from family members, friends, and even strangers.

From putting life insurance ads inside funeral programs to replacing Adele's 'Rumour has it' with 'Uber has it,' the campaign encourages those in the ad industry to submit their ideas that actually work.

Erwin Penland: L.L.Bean 'It's a Whole New World Outside'

Brand: L.L.Bean

Title: It's a Whole New World Outside

Agency: Erwin Penland

Agency Website:

Chief Creative Officer: Con Williamson

Executive Creative Director: John Cornette, Alex Lea

Creative Director: Danny McHatton

Additional Credits: Producers: Sam Helfer, Sarah Pascale

Group Account Director: Kat Shafer

Account Supervisor: Amanda Dwyer

Editing House: Beast

Editor: Amanda Moreau

Music: James Brown “A New Day”

Audio Mix: Sonic Union

Mixer: Mike Marinelli

Photographer: Jonathon Kozowyk

Viewfinder Productions, LLC

Published: October 2015

Short Rationale: L.L.Bean has launched the winter installment of its 'Guaranteed Season After Season' campaign, which aims to showcase the company's products for all temperatures and terrain.

Besides the TV spot, the latest integration also includes out-of-home, social, and digital elements to promote the company's sporting apparel for the winter season. The brand has also partnered with American snowboarder Seth Wescott and the US Ski Team for the campaign.

DuPuis Group: Ruffles Re-stage

Brand: Ruffles

Title: Ruffles Re-stage

Agency: DuPuis Group

Agency Website:

Creative Director: Danny Rhodes

Art Director (Designer): Jean Paul Tümmler

Copy Writer: Danny Rhodes and Bill Less

Photographer: Flashlight Studios (

Published: September 2015

Short Rationale: Ruffles chips are a staple at American cookouts and picnics, but the brand was looking to modernize its packaging to attract a younger crowd. With the help of DuPuis Group, the brand updated its packaging in an effort to appeal to millennial males.

BBDO San Francisco: Barbie 'Imagine The Possibilities'

Brand: Barbie

Title: Imagine The Possibilities

Agency: BBDO San Francisco

Agency Website:

Chief Creative Officer, Worldwide: David Lubars

Executive Creative Director: Matt Miller

Executive Creative Director: Steve Rutter

Sr. Copywriter: Adam Balogh

Sr. Art Director: Jason Moussalli

Additional Credits: Executive Producer: Patti Bott

Senior Producer: Lisa Christman

Business Affairs: Danielle Ivicic

Managing Director: Marc Burns

Senior Account Director: Kim Fredkin

Management Supervisor: Nicole Dongara

Account Supervisor: Nicholas Roth

Director of Business Development: Crystal Rix

Senior Planner: Alaina Crystal

Production Company: Slim Pictures Inc.

Director: Karen Cunningham

Director of Photography: Jeff Cutter

Executive Producer: Tom Weissferdt

Line Producer: Suzie Greene Tedesco

Music House: De Wolfe Music

Andrew Know Music Productions

Edit / Visual Effects House: No6

Editor: Andrea MacArthur

Executive Producer: Crissy de Simone

Post Producer: Yole Barrera

Flame Artist: Verdi Sevenhuysen

Colorist: Bob Festa at Company 3

Published: October 2015

Short Rationale: BBDO San Francisco's 'Imagine The Possibilities' film for Barbie marks the first work the agency has done for the brand since winning the business earlier this year.

The video, which is targeted towards parents, shows how Barbie dolls inspire imagination and creativity in young girls. In the film, hidden cameras capture people's reactions to little girls holding professional positions, like veterinarians, college professors, and soccer coaches. At the end, these same situations are acted out using Barbie dolls, showing parents that the dolls can help girls dream big.

Wieden & Kennedy New York: ESPN 'Ice Cream' and 'National Anthem'

Brand: ESPN

Titles: Ice Cream and National Anthem

Agency: Wieden + Kennedy New York

Agency Website:

Spot: National Anthem

Executive Creative Directors: Jaime Robinson, David Kolbusz

Creative Directors: Brandon Henderson, Caleb Jensen, Erwin Federizo

Art Directors: Dan Oliva, NJ Placentra

Copywriter: Scott Mahoney, Alex Ledford

Additional Credits: Associate Producer: Lisa Delonay

Head of Content Production: Nick Setounski

Executive Producer: Temma Shoaf

Account Team: Mike Welch, Alex Scaros, Liz Lindberg

Production Company: O Positive

Director: David Shane

Executive Producer: Marc Grill

Director of Photography: Dave Morabito

Editorial Company: Mackenzie Cutler

Editor: Nick Divers

Post Executive Producer Sasha Hirschfeld

VFX Company: Schmigital

Lead Flame Artist/Creative Director: Jim Hayhow

Assist: Joseph Miller

Mix Company: Mackenzie Cutler

Mixer: Sam Shaffer

Spot: Ice Cream

Executive Creative Directors: Jaime Robinson, David Kolbusz

Creative Directors: Brandon Henderson, Stuart Jennings, Erwin Federizo

Art Directors: Gary VanDzura, NJ Placentra

Copywriter: Charles Hodges, Alex Ledford

Additional Credits: Associate Producer: Lisa Delonay

Head of Content Production: Nick Setounski

Executive Producer: Temma Shoaf

Account Team: Mike Welch, Alex Scaros, Liz Lindberg

Production Company: O Positive

Director: David Shane

Executive Producer: Marc Grill

Director of Photography: Dave Morabito

Editorial Company: Mackenzie Cutler

Editor: Nick Divers

Post Executive Producer: Sasha Hirschfeld

VFX Company: Schmigital

Lead Flame Artist/Creative Director: Jim Hayhow

Assist: Joseph Miller

Mix Company: Mackenzie Cutler

Mixer: Sam Shaffer

Published: October 2015

Short Rationale: To kick off the MLB postseason and NHL season, Wieden + Kennedy New York created two spots for ESPN's 'This is SportsCenter' franchise that feature New York Mets pitcher Matt Harvey and NHL analyst Barry Melrose.

In 'Ice Cream,' SportsCenter anchors Jay Harris and Lisa Kerney are seen in ESPN’s cafeteria looking at Harvey in disbelief as he devours a monstrous dessert. In 'National Anthem,' SportsCenter hosts John Anderson and John Buccigross begin work following the singing of the Star Spangled Banner but are interrupted when Melrose appears in the studio with a surprise.

Jeremiah McNulty Design: MacLeod Ale Brewing Co. Packaging

Brand: MacLeod Ale Brewing Co.

Titles: Beers - The Session Gap, The Little Spree, The King's Taxes, Jackie Tar

Agency: Jeremiah McNulty Design

Agency Website:

Creative Director: Business Owner Jennifer Febre

Art Director: Jeremiah McNulty

Copywriter: Brewer C. Andy Black and Owner Jennifer Febre

Illustrator: Jeremiah McNulty

Photographer: Michael Murphree

Additional Credits: Jared Jacob [Sunday Lounge], original logo

Published: Ongoing beginning March 2015

Short Rationale: "The shelves are overflowing with craft beer in 22oz bottles. How to stand out? We wanted the logo to take priority and be VERY readable and recognizable, so we opted to print it right on the bottle with maximum size and contrast...white ink on a dark brown bottle. The next priority was to make the brand and style of beer easy to find, so we created a "cigar band" label which is uniform across the brands, differentiated by color, and reading in the traditional top-to-bottom left-to-right sequence, easily answering the three most important questions: Who makes this beer? Which beer is it? What style of beer is it? Finally, by making the labels uniform except for the color, we are hoping to create a consistent look, so that customers will instantly recognize the bottles and know our logo."

Juniper Park\TBWA: Eos 'Share the Delight'

Brand: Eos

Title: Share the Delight

Agency: Juniper Park\TBWA

Agency Website:

President: Jill Nykoliation

Chief Creative Directors: Terry Drummond, Alan Madill, Barry Quinn

Writer: Thomas Zukowsk

Art Directors: Jen Szilagyi, Elma Karabegovic

Additional Credits: Head of Production: Janice Bisson

Producer: Anne Marie Martignago

VP Account Director: Shelly-Ann Scott

Sr. Account Executive: Lisa Harvey

Production House: Revolver Films Toronto

Director: Carole Dennis

DOP: Gosta Reiland

Editor: Jackie Roda

Editorial House: Relish Editing

Visual Effect Post: Alter Ego

Audio Supervisor: Chris Tait

Audio House: Pirate Radio & TV

Music: Licensed track by Brenda Lee, “I’m Learning About Love”

Published: October 2015

Short Rationale: Toronto-based Juniper Park\TBWA has created a whimsical spot for lip balm brand Eos called 'Share the Delight.' In the video, a neighborhood is magically transformed after a young woman uses her Eos sphere.

Alexander Vidal Illustration and Design: Yebo Packaging

Brand: Yebo

Title: Yebo Coffee Fruit Bar Wrappers

Agency: Alexander Vidal Illustration and Design

Agency Website:

Creative Director: Alexander Vidal

Illustrator: Alexander Vidal

Published: July 2015

Short Rationale: "Yebo is a company that makes energy bars from the fruit of the coffee plant. In the early days of coffee consumption, Ethiopian shepherds would bind the coffee fruit into a bar for easy consumption in the highlands. In the current economy, the fruit is usually discarded when the coffee bean is harvested, creating an incredible amount of waste. By using the coffee cherry as the basis for a protein bar, Yebo puts this nutrient rich food to use, and gives coffee farmers an additional income. For the company brand and the design of the packaging, Yebo wanted something that would be both traditionally African, but also bright, bold and modern. A variety of African source materials were researched for shape, color, and pattern, including Ndebele architecture, Malian carving, and West African wax cloth. The final packaging design aimed to pay tribute to the continent's incredible visual traditions, while still providing a bold shelf presence to grab consumers' attention."

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