Crowdfunding site Patreon falls victim to data hack

Names, addresses and donations of those using crowd funding site Patreon have been published online following a hack.

According to reports around 15GB of Patreon data has been seized though chief executive Jack Conte has assured users that credit card details have not been stolen.

Writing on the firm's blog, Conte said: "We do not store full credit card numbers on our servers and no credit card numbers were compromised. Although accessed, all passwords, social security numbers and tax form information remain safely encrypted."

Conte urged users to change their login details as a precaution but said passwords on the site were encrypted.

In June 2015, 16m viewers per month were recorded on the site which currently hosts projects including a science video series featuring former International Space Station commander Chris Hadfield.

Security expert Troy Hunt has said the data published from the hack appears to be genuine, adding that 2.3m email addresses had been stolen, including his own.

Conte confirmed that the site was breached via a test or 'debug' version of the site which, though mostly of use to developers, was also open to the public.

Earlier this week an Experian breach saw the personal information of 15m T-Mobile users leaked online.

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