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Tech companies come together to create The Internet of Things Security Foundation

More than 30 companies, including Vodafone, BT and Intel have come together to form The Internet of Things Security Foundation (ITSF) in order to appraise the security vulnerabilities of internet-connected devices.

The new industry body says it will evaluate the security credentials of internet connected devices amid the growing number of consumer products which are now connected to the internet.

John Moor, from the NMI industry group that represents UK chip makers, has helped launch the forum. Speaking to the BBC he said the industry has to improve securing hardware or risk “sleepwalking into some big problems”.

Moor highlighted examples of security failures in common consumer devices such as some baby monitors which were susceptible to cyber-attacks and have been found to leak user data.

He said ITSF aims “to make it safe to connect” and will be “imploring our members to do so”.

The ITSF will address the problem of security vulnerabilities by educating its members about ways to secure smart devices so they were much harder to hack. In doing this the regulator hopes that the industry will avoid losing out to customers who have been put off adopting products which they consider unsafe.

Moor compared the emergence of products being made with integrated internet connectivity to "the aviation industry - when it began, it had to reassure people it was safe to fly. We have to do the same and help people realise it is safe to connect."

A growing number of products are now connected to the internet and have been exposed for their security flaws including cars which have hackers have illustrated can be remotely hacked, disabling brakes and controlling steering.

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