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Improving the world starts here: Get creative on Plan It Day and tackle the hardest brief of your life

Marketing can change the world, but we need your help to prove it. So, why not join us on 24 September 
as we think up earth-shattering ideas?

At Plan It Day, on 24 September, The Drum will be joined by some of the world’s biggest brands as we set about showing how the creative thinking of marketers can make the world a better place. This is where you come in.

We want you to join us at The Old Truman Brewery in East London, where participating brands will be issuing their briefs and where you can work alongside the likes of Dixons Carphone, Barclays, IBM, Dennis Publishing, Linksys and Asda as they figure out how best to tackle their planet improving challenges, which range from planting a forest in a day to taking the taboo out of death.

Later in the day all of your ideas will be presented back to the gathered audience and the best given the go-ahead to be implemented on Do It Day, which is set to be the most inspirational and exciting marketing event of 2015.

On Do It Day, which takes place on 2 November, participating brands will execute their ideas in front of a live audience in London, New York and online, transforming communities, attitudes and lives in just 24 hours.

To get your creative juices flowing ahead of the day, we preview six of the briefs over the following pages, highlighting what participating brands hope to do on Do It Day and the resources they are making available to achieve their goals.

So, what are you waiting for?

Visit the Do It Day website, start rounding up your troops and get yourselves booked in! There’s a world of change to be made. Here are some of the briefs you can tackle:


Create a platform that matches professionals with time and skills to the good causes that 
need them

Many big businesses give staff a number of days each year to donate to charities as part of their CSR commitment. But every year many of these days go unused. And, often, staff use them ineffectively by getting involved in tasks they’re not suited for. We want to build a platform that matches people’s skills and passions with the charities that need them.

What we hope to achieve

On Plan It Day, we want to plan and design a web tool that will match people with charities. And plan the marketing for launch day. On Do It Day, we want to build the tool and launch it to the relevant companies.

Resources available

You’ll get help, advice, resources, PR and editorial from Mashable, and tech support from IBM.


Help us connect young women in Brazil with female entrepreneur role models to encourage them to become micro-entrepreneurs.

We want to help young women in developing countries to get economic empowerment by promoting female micro-entrepreneurship. We know that young women lack role models to encourage them to become entrepreneurs and and they need mentorship on their journey to autonomy. So how can we facilitate this? How can we encourage young women, and can we connect women entrepreneurs with young women who want to start their own business through an innovative platform?

What we hope to achieve

We want to bring together a peer-to-peer network of underprivileged young women with female entrepreneurs, to give them support, guidance and encouragement they need to launch and develop their own businesses.

Resources available

Support from the Unilever Sustainable Living Plan team. Access to existing research findings regarding women empowerment. Access to the Foundry network of digital, advertising and marketing technology and entrepreneurs.


Help 10,000 young people create a brilliant CV in a day to demonstrate the skills they can offer employers

Young people are entering a really rough employment market – huge competition for every job and lack of confidence in the skills they have and how to demonstrate these to potential employers. Young people need help to create an awesome CV to realise the skills they have and how to present these, and we have the tools and experience to help them. A focus day would help impact the lives of a lot of young people and encourage employers to think about what the young generation has to offer.

What we hope to achieve

10,000 young people create an awesome new CV that helps them kick start their careers and engages them with the LifeSkills programme where they can learn even more.

Resources available

New LifeSkills CV Builder tool that allows young people to see what their social media activity says about them and how they can use this to show themselves in their best light. Also, £30k media spend and a team of people who can work on Do it Day as required.

Young Enterprise

Help children understand the value of money

As transactions increasingly move into the digital world, children don’t have exposure to actual money any more.

Therefore they don’t understand the value of it – as many parents have learned through surprise transactions on the bank statement. We want to educate children on the actual value of money to build financial skills they’ll need later in life.

What we hope to achieve

We want your ideas on how we grow the UK’s flagship financial education programme, My Money Week. We 
want to reach more children then ever 
before and engage with more third parties to support the delivery of the event.

Resources available

You’ll have the support from Young Enterprise’s financial education team, Visa’s CSR team. And help from IBM, if your solution involves digital.


Demonstrate to a youth audience that gender discrimination exists and should be taken seriously

MTV is broadcasting a series of programmes to its young audiences to highlight and educate the many aspects of inequality in our society. Last season MTV addressed racial inequality and released a highly acclaimed documentary and series of episodes, ‘White People’, which was supported by viral campaign ‘The White Squad’. In the fall of 2105, MTV is addressing gender inequality which is a major challenge facing the economy as a whole. MTV aims to use its programming to address gender bias topics such as inequality in pay between men and women, redefining feminism for millennials, machismo perceptions, stay at home parenting etc.

What we hope to achieve

We are looking for a hard-hitting sustainable campaign across online and social media that increases awareness of the issue, kickstarts conversations and encourages commitment from MTV audiences. It will support key gender bias examples highlighted in MTV programming. It must be creative and provocative – look and feel: MTV style guide. It should show a commitment to change and preferably have key outcomes. The message is for everyone, not just women.

Resources available

Access to MTV/Viacom digi channels. Lots of amazing content insights. The smart people from MTV to participate on the day.

Metro & Asda

Create a platform and series 
of activities 
that encourage people to do 
more good deeds

Metro’s Good Deed Feed, featured in the Talk section of its newspaper every weekday morning, is hugely popular among readers and receives hundreds of messages every day thanking strangers for various good deeds. To celebrate its 50th birthday, Asda has been surprising customers, colleagues and good causes with cakes to show their appreciation. We want to encourage even more random acts of kindness by building an online platform and doing in-store activities which drive more good things for those who need good things done.

What we hope to achieve

At the end of Plan It Day, we want ideas on how to amplify the Good Deed Feed and how this online platform would work, including UX thinking. We also want ideas on in-store activities that encourage Asda customers and colleagues to do good deeds. Ultimately, we want to fuel a movement that will help improve the lives and wellbeing of hundreds of people across the UK every day – and celebrate all those involved.

Resources available

Advertising space and promotion of the platform through the existing Good Deed Feed in Metro newspaper, design assets and expertise from the Metro team, plus coding help from IBM. Resources to run activities in a handful of Asda stores across the country.

Still not found the ideal brief for you? Check out the challenges Linksys, Bozza, Dennis Publishing, Dixons Carphone, IBM and Trinity Mirror want to tackle.

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