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John McAfee alleges Ashley Madison hack was an 'inside job' carried out by a woman

Anti-virus mogul John McAfee has reasoned that the highly damaging Ashley Madison hack was an “inside job” committed by a woman working with Avid Life Media.

After trawling through over 40GB of the leaked data, McAfee, who has spent an “entire career in the analysis of cybersecurity breaches” wrote in the International Business Times, that the hack was in actuality a leak.

McAfee stated that ‘The Impact Team’, the supposed hacking collective taking credit for the move, “does not exist,” adding that the person behind the leak “had intimate knowledge of the technology stack of the company,” and “the keys to the Kingdom”.

On why he thinks the leaker was a female, McAfee said the manifesto’s universal description of men as “scumbags” suggested that a woman is speaking. Furthermore, the leaker’s description of men signing up for the service after Valentine’s Day as “spiteful” was cited.

The whole of the Avid Life Media dating portfolio was reportedly breached releasing the data of an estimated 50m members of Ashley Madison, Cougar Life and Established Men.

The company has issued a $500,000 reward for anyone providing information on the identity of the person behind the data breach.