The top 10 most pirated shows of July 2015: True Detective leads the pack

Even as TV becomes more easily accessible online in different territories, the slow pace at which TV becomes accessible on your computer instantly and internationally is still allowing the pirating of shows to thrive. The summer has been a busy one on torrenting sites like The Pirate Bay as they continue to change their domain to avoid getting shut down. SimilarWeb has again provided Found Remote with the top ten most pirated shows from July 2015. True Detective is in the lead across each site, even though reviews haven't been that great. USA Network's Mr. Robot is also doing well. Here are the charts followed by analysis.

SimilarWeb The Pirate Bay

  • One of the heads of the five-headed Pirate Bay hydra torrent website has been slain. was put out of commission mid-July, but four other Pirate Bay domains are still going strong (see image)
  • The most popular pirated TV and streaming shows on torrent sites in July were heavily dominated by crime dramas and thrillers.
  • Comedies like Orange is the New Black dropped off the Top 10 list spots that they held in June on all three torrent sites.
  • Three exceptions appear at the bottom of ThePirateBay list as well as Ballers, HBO’s new comedy starring Dwayne Johnson that ranks 4th on KickAssTorrents.
  • All three major torrent sites display this season’s hits at the top. HBO’s True Detective began its second season in June, and ranks first on all torrent sites.
  • The USA Network series Mr. Robot also premiered last month, and ranks second.
  • These two shows’ combined traffic account for over 50% of the Top 10 shows for the three largest torrent sites.
  • The hugely popular legal drama Suits recently began its fifth season, and ranks high on all.
  • HBO’s Game of Thrones still made the Top 10 lists for ThePirateBay and TorrentzEU.
  • Its fall off the Top 10 from KickAssTorrents may be a harbinger of what may happen next month.
  • Some leading shows dropped out from the Top 10 since June.
  • These include Netflix’s sci-fi drama Sense8, which initially drew high interest when it premiered in June.
  • HBO’s Silicon Valley comedy also dropped out of Top 10 lists when its second season ended.
  • Surprisingly, the Netflix’s comedy Orange is the New Black wasn’t very popular on torrent sites in July but was the most popular show on the legal streaming network’s own platform the same month.
  • The gloomiest list is TorrentzEU due to the popularity of post-apocalyptic shows like The Last Ship, Falling Skies, and Dark Matter.
  • This is in contrast with three comedies that made ThePirateBay’s Top 10 list last month.
  • MTV renewed its supernatural dramedy Teen Wolf for a sixth season in July, and the show made the Top 10 lists of two major torrent sites the same month.
  • Rick and Morty was the only animated show represented in the Top 10 lists.
  • Its second season premiered on July 26, but it still snuck into the ThePirateBay’s Top 10 list for July, securing fifth place.

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