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It's time to break the rules – help The Drum find the top 10 #WorldChangingAds

Advertising can be a powerful tool for change. The best adverts don't just sell, and over the years various campaigns have been credited with much more than merely convincing audiences to buy into a particular product or service and we're searching for the top 10 ads that changed the world.

Bold thinking, new ideas and taking creative risks have helped some brands influence the way we communicate and others affect the clothes we wear and the charities we support. When done properly, advertising has the power to make people think, feel and change.

The Drum’s Creative Department regularly celebrates the best creative ideas from across the globe, and to celebrate the power of advertising, we want The Drum readers to contribute to a very special edition of the weekly round-up.

From Make Poverty History to Coca-Cola’s Hilltop ad we want your suggestions of campaigns that changed the world; ideas so iconic they’re engrained in our consciousness. Below are some of our suggestions, now we need yours.

Leave a comment below or get involved on Twitter using the hashtag #WorldChangingAds.

Coca-Cola ‘Hilltop’

Volkswagen ‘Lemon’ and ‘Think Small’

Make Poverty History ‘Click’

Always ‘Like a Girl’

Peta ‘I’d rather go naked’

Apple ‘1984’

'Got Milk?'

Red Bull ‘Stratos’

Nike ‘Just do It’