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Brand of the day: James Bond

Welcome to Brand of the Day, where we pick the brand making headlines and explain what you need to know about why it's in the news.

James Bond is our brand of the day.

The full-length trailer for the latest Bond movie, Spectre, was released earlier today.

The clip, which you can watch in full below, sees Daniel Craig return to the big screen as the smooth Secret Service agent once more.

It features everything viewers have come to expect from the series – from high tension car chases to exploding planes and a few bust ups.

James Bond was created in 1953 by English author Ian Fleming, who wrote 14 books centered around the character. The stories were based on Fleming's own wartime service as a naval intelligence officer and his career as a journalist.

Fleming characterised his London-based chain-smoking protagonist as a British SIS MI6 agent, code number 007, with a love for cars, international travel, and food and drink.

The Bond brand has since gone on to become a cultural phenomenon, with 007 appearing in movies, continuation stories written by eight other novelists,and video games.

It's the longest-running film series of all time.

Producers Albert R. Broccoli and Harry Saltzman purchased the rights to Fleming's works in 1961 and founded Eon Productions (which still makes the movies) to begin working on Dr. No., which was released a year later.

Scottish actor Sean Connery was the first to portray Bond on film, since then the character has been played by six actors in total including Rodger Moore, Timothy Dalton and Pierce Brosnan.

Connery topped a Guardian poll which asked fans to select their favourite Bond, while George Lazenby was dennounced as the least favourite.

The books and films have a long tradition of product placement.

In the early novels, the only newspaper Bond read was the Times but when Fleming's writing was picked up by the Daily Express the main character swittched his alligiences.

American Motors paid $5m to have 007 drive nothing but its models in The Man with the Golden Gun, and the most recent film in the series Skyfall seen Heineken reportedly hand over $45m to have him drink a bottle of beer.

Spectre will be the 24th film in the Bond franchise, which has raked in a combined gross profit of $6bn to date.

It will be released in UK cinemas on 26 October.

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