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Times pulls ‘inappropriate’ Nick Cave story after grief intrusion complaints

The Times has pulled its online story dissecting the death of singer Nick Cave’s son after it was found to be intrusive.

Titled ‘Let your children feel fear, Cave urged before son’s death’, the piece was published online and in the Friday print edition.

It gave centre stage to comments made by Cave before his 15-year-old son died after falling 60ft from a cliff in Brighton.

Quoting comments Cave made to Kill Your Darlings magazine just a week earlier, the piece stated that Cave felt it was important for parents to “stand back” when their children are dealing with fear.

The piece was widely criticised on social media for failing to take into account Cave’s mourning – linking out-of-context comments to his son Arthur’s fall.

A spokesman for the Times told the Guardian: “We published a story about Nick Cave and his son in the paper today, which we later decided was inappropriate. We have now removed it from our digital platforms.”

It is unclear whether Cave complained to the newspaper which incidentally to date, has not issued an apology for the intrusion.