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Experian campaign sets out to demystify the credit reference industry

Experian has turned to The Red Brick Road to develop the current ‘Use It’ campaign strategy which aims to demystify the credit reference industry, bringing to life the times when your credit report and score will play a role.

‘Use it for more’ seeds the idea that investigating your credit report may prove more useful that you think, highlighting the support that customers can get to understand and manage their credit report. The new integrated push – ‘Chopsticks’ – uses the analogy of a humble set of chopsticks and the myriad of uses it has beyond what was intended.

“Our new campaign helps illustrate that your credits report can be used in more ways than you might think. From obvious things like getting the best mortgage, credit card or loan rate, suited to your credit profile but also for not so obvious life moments such as getting a new job, planning your dream wedding and even smaller things like applying for a mobile phone contract or utilities,” explained Lauren Darby, marketing director, brand communications and PR, Experian Consumer Services UK and Ireland.

“The TV ad shows that taking control of your financial situation by improving your credit report can really go a long way in helping you get the things you want in life.”

The Red Brick Road chief executive officer, David Miller, added: “The evolution on from last year’s ‘Use It’ campaign will further increase understanding of what is considered a complex category and show people how they can use their credit report in all facets of life by providing insights into their relationship with money.”

The campaign will run across TV, video-on-demand, radio, digital, CRM and social media from this week (Monday 6 July).

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