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Brand of the Day: United Airlines

Welcome to Brand of the Day, where we pick the brand making headlines and explain what you need to know about why it's in the news.

United Airlines announced that it will run its first flight using fuel generated from farm waste and oils derived from animal fat this summer.

The flight from Los Angeles International Airport to San Francisco will be a significant pillar in the history of aviation as it will mark the first time a domestic airliner operates a passenger flight using an alternative fuel source.

The company is also set to announce a $30m investment into a leading biofuel producer, Fulcrum BioEnergy. The move represents the largest ever investment by domestic airline into alternative fuels and will help the company market an eco-friendly image.

Here’s more on the United Airlines brand.

The company announced that it will give free air miles to anyone able to locate bugs and vulnerabilities in their software. The air mile rewards can vary from less than 50,000 to 1 million, depending on the severity of the bug discovered.

In February United Airlines accidentally sold first class tickets from London to Newark for just $74 due to a software mistake. The company blamed the website glitch on a third party error and said it would not honour the cut-price cost of the flights.

The airliner struggled in the US Airline Quality rating Report this year, finding itself ranked 9th out of the 12 US airlines.

It was the first US airliner to debut the Boeing 787 Dreamliner which is the company’s most eco-friendly plane.

In 2010 the airliner merged with Continental Airlines to create one of the world's largest carriers. The combined entity resulted in United Airlines having the biggest fleet of commercial airliners in the world with more destinations than any of their competitor.

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