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Vlogging star Matthew Lush blasts YouTube custom URLs after losing out to the cosmetics brand


By John McCarthy | Opinion editor

June 23, 2015 | 2 min read

A popular vlogger has criticised YouTube after the site’s algorithm granted the custom URL ‘Lush’ to retailer Lush Cosmetics.

Matthew Lush, who has been accessible at ‘’ since 2005 has just shy of a million subscribers on his channel but failed to claim access to the 'Lush' custom URl on YouTube.

Despite having followers numbering ten times more than the soap brand, the automated system rewarded Lush with the address.

Mr Lush told BBC News he felt “betrayed” by the outcome.

Last November, Google enabled creators to introduce custom URLs to their existing URLs. Mr Lush's grievance emerged when the automated system granted the Lush brand the URL based on factors including information from YouTube, Google+, Search, and Google Maps.

Notably, despite Mr Lush’s veterancy and sizable following on the site, the soap retailer’s number one ranking on Google search for ‘Lush’ internationally, helped secure the URL.

Mr Lush said: “They've stripped this from me, I have that address on thousands of bracelets that I've sold, and it's embedded in my videos. I can't remake those now.”

A Google spokesperson said: “We updated our URL system last year, allowing creators and brands alike to claim a custom YouTube URL that is consistent with their identity across Google.

“Based on a combination of relevancy factors, this new system algorithmically reserves certain URLs for creators to choose from. With this change, we are providing more than five thousand custom URLs on a daily basis to creators across the globe.”

Whether the vlogger reclaims possession of the URL is reportedly entirely up to Lush.

Lush Youtube News

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