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Verve Mobile acquires Fosbury for undisclosed sum

Verve Mobile, New York based mobile marketing platform, has acquired Fosbury to help validate the connection between mobile marketing and offline retail performance.

This is the company’s first major move since new chief executive officer, Nada Stirratt’s, appointment in April.

“What Verve does better than anyone else is engage consumers via their devices and drive them into stores,” Stirratt said.

"Fosbury further enhances this ability by maintaining that consumer connection for marketers in a more personalized and meaningful way, with the ultimate goal of driving them to the cash registers. That’s incredibly powerful and available to marketers immediately.”

The deal would help Verve increase its strength in the ever-competitive beacon-triggered messaging sphere, which is expected to drive almost $44bn in US sales next year.

Further specifics of the acquisition remain undisclosed.

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