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THAT Protein World ad hits Times Square - and it is bigger than ever...

Protein World has exported its unique brand of adverts to the US by erecting its reviled 'Beach Body Ready' campaign on a several storeys high billboard in Times Square.

After the firm's controversial London Underground ads were widely protested, vandalised - and banned by the ASA with a total of 260 complaints - the protein supplement firm has debuted the campaign in the US, starting in New York with LA to follow.

The massive installation of the ad, installed during the weekend, asks New Yorkers if they are 'Beach Body Ready'.

Protein World marketing head Richard Staveley told Breitbart London that the US ad is “a big middle finger to everybody who bothered to sign that stupid petition in the UK”.

“It’s a fat F-U to them all. You could say that the London protestors helped pay for the New York campaign”.

Model Renne Somerfield, who features in the ad, tweeted an image of the creative.

The resurrection of the campaign, which granted the company weeks of media attention, will, as Staveley said, be a major 'middle finger' to the 71,111 supporters of the petition to have the ads removed from the London Underground.