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Dreamers wanted: RKCR/Y&R's Mick Mahoney walks through Johnnie Walker creative idea

Mick Mahoney, executive creative director at RKCR/Y&R, has described the thinking behind 'The Man Who Walked Around the World' campaign for Johnnie Walker, as part of The Drum's Dream Awards.

The latest in a line of creative luminaries to sit down with The Drum's resident psychiatrist, Dr Sarracenia, Mahoney described the vision to come to him to inspire the ad.

"A man, coming out of the mist, just walks and walks and walks from a speck in the distance. Highlands in the mist, a bagpiper, and he's just getting closer and closer. And the second he goes past the bagpiper, out of the corner of his mouth, he just says 'shut it'."

Dr Sarracenia then prescribes a large glass of malt whisky, three times a day – or as necessary.

The film is part of a wider series created by Lost Boys, featuring creative visionaries discussing the inspiration behind some of their biggest campaigns. The campaign also features photography by the renowned Julian Hanford.

In a world of multiple channels and touch points, the best marketing is still defined by big ideas. With this in mind, The Drum has launched its Dream Awards. Judged by leading industry figures including BBH London deputy executive creative director Rosie Arnold, Guy Duncan, global creative director at Coca-Cola, and Beattie McGuinness Bungay founder Trevor Beattie, the awards will recognise creativity across a number of categories, covering numerous sectors, verticals and channels.

The deadline for the Dream Awards is Friday 19 June. To find out more and enter the awards visit the dedicated website.

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