Pedigree launches first global campaign in years

Pet food company Pedigree’s first global campaign in years aims to connect pet lovers around the world with the message that dogs bring out the good in people.

The campaign, called ‘Feel the Good' and created by BBDO, first launched in Brazil and will soon roll out in Australia, New Zealand, and the US. It will enter into other markets later this year and in 2016.

Leonid Sudakov, chief marketing officer of global petcare at Mars, Inc., said: “Studies attest how the companionship of animals transforms and improves people’s lives. By nourishing the loveable innocence in every dog, Pedigree helps feed the good they bring to the world.”

While the global message is the key driver behind the campaign, creative content will be contextually relevant depending upon which market it is featured.

Besides TV, the campaign will include print, online, in-store, social media, and consumer promotion advertising.

The first television commercial, called ‘Good Fight,’ will air on 4 May in Australia.

A TV spot called ‘Dogs World’ will launch in Brazil later this year. Online documentary ‘First Days Out’ has already launched in Brazil and follows the true stories of two ex-cons who each adopt dogs after they are released from prison.

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