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MS-DOS games like Wolfenstein 3D, Doom II & Prince of Persia can now be played and shared on Twitter

The Internet Archive has made it possible to embed classic MS DOS games in tweets where they can be distributed and played on desktop web browsers.

In what could prove to be the perfect end-of-the-week time sink, retro titles which operated on the Microsoft Disk Operating System (MS-DOS) are now playable in much the same way a Gif or video would be on the social network.

Furthermore, due to the fact tweets can be embedded within conventional web pages, the titles will be more accessible than ever to users.

On the legal front, the titles are classified as abandonware, a murky term often used to classify old software which is often ignored by the rights owner due to a lack of compatibility with modern operating systems.

Users need only access the MS-DOS library here and tweet their favourite retro titles.

Here’s some games to get you started for use on desktop devices.

Internet Archive is a non-profit company created in 1996 to preserve digital works.

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