Cybersecurity is largest barrier for those avoiding in-app transactions, says Skrill study

Cybersecurity is proving to be a major issue for consumers who are wary of storing their debit and credit card details on apps.

A Skrill survey of 2,000 UK adults found that only 14 per cent of people bought goods and services via apps linked to their credit or debit cards.

However, almost a third of people who refrained from such purchases did so because they were worried their personal details could be stolen.

Over a quarter of the 14 per cent using such transactions said that not having to enter their card details was a big advantage with a further 22 per cent claiming that the speed and convenience of the transactions was the most important benefit.

Spiros Theodossiou, vice president of product management at Skrill, said although consumers have become more comfortable buying goods online, they are still a way away from accepting in-app pirchasing as a regular channel for buying goods and services.

“Our research shows that people who have adopted the technology have really seen the benefits. With significant developments including major wearable technology announcements, public transport going contactless and some major players coming into mobile payments, the way we pay is changing.

“This could trigger wider acceptance of in-app payments, with more consumers taking advantage of the greater ease of use and speed when shopping, gaming and downloading music,” he said.

The survey found that high levels of security and cryptology, supplemented with detailed app reviews could help secure the app landscape to payments.