By John Glenday, Reporter

April 14, 2015 | 2 min read

A ventriloquist who earned a standing ovation from judges on Britain’s Got Talent with his ‘talking’ dog act has come under fire from animal rights groups, who’ve given voice to their own less favourable feedback.

Marc Metral wowed an audience of 10m courtesy of his four legged sidekick Miss Wendy who apparently mimed on command.

It was subsequently suggested that the dog might have been fitted with a muzzle over its nose to bring the illusion to life, giving cause for the RSPCA to raise concern over the act.

Speaking to the Mirror a spokesperson said: “It is not clear if Miss Wendy was wearing any sort of muzzle or mask during the performance on Britain’s Got Talent,’ a spokesperson told the Mirror.

“However the RSPCA would be very concerned if it became clear that she was caused distress at any point. We will be contacting the show to ascertain what methods were used and how they impacted on the dog.”

Responding to the criticism Metral said: “I’ve been working with Wendy since she was a puppy, training and caring for her for the last five years.

“She loves performing and I would never put her in a situation that would cause her distress. She gets excited when we go to work and is always comfortable on stage.”

A Britain’s Got Talent spokesperson said that producers were happy to talk through the methods used with the RSPCA.

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