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The Brooklyn Brothers secures upmarket grocery listing for self-made organic chocolate

Lovers of high-end chocolate can purchase organic bars of Fat Pig, the latest self-made product from agency The Brooklyn Brothers, at upmarket grocer Dean & DeLuca.

The 100 per cent organic milk chocolate bars can be snapped up now from the shelves of the US retailer. Weighing a hefty 2.8 ounces, the chocolate is made with 33 per cent cocoa and is marketed as being “bad for you, but in a good way”.

The listing marks a milestone in Fat Pig’s lifecycle, from its humble beginnings in 2008 as a side project to the agency’s day-to-day work for clients such as Jaguar Land Rover and London & Partners through to the cult-like following the chocolate now enjoys. A strong social media presence, built on a playful tone, has spearheaded the brand’s growth in recent years with the The Brooklyn Brothers now looking to convert that buzz into a sustainable business model through the Dean & DeLuca tie-up.

Natasha Markley, creative strategist at The Brooklyn Brothers, said: “Designing, creating and marketing our own products, is a natural extension of what we do best at The Brooklyn Brothers. And exemplifies that, which we are most passionate about - building blockbuster brands. That, and delicious chocolate of course.”

The agency has history in being its own client. From children’s books to coconut water, the creative shop pursues its own projects in a bid to carve out new revenue streams. Other agencies employ similar methods with MRY and Made by Many creating brand advocacy startup Crowdtap and the Hackaball respectively in recent years.