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Salesforce, Hillary Clinton, Yelp back #boycottIndiana hashtag

Twitter erupted today with hundreds of thousands of mentions of the hashtag #BoycottIndiana.

The response is a result of Indiana governor, Mike Pence’s decision to sign a bill into law that would allow businesses to turn away gay and lesbian customers under the pretense of ‘religious freedom.’

Many businesses have already announced that they have no intention to do business in the state.

The Drum took to Twitter to compile a list of some of the biggest names that plan to #BoycottIndiana.



Hillary Clinton

City of San Fransisco

George Takei

James Van Der Beek

Ashton Kutcher

Proponents of the bill argue that it doesn't discriminate agains gays and lesbians, rather, it protects the rights of business owners who don't support same-sex coupling.

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