Halifax tests heart-beat sensors in wearable security pilot

Halifax Bank has begun testing heart-rate measuring wearables in a new scheme to help identify customers and secure accounts.

The firm haspicked the Nymi band, a wearable device which monitors and records account owners’ heartbeats via an electrocardiogram, for the trials, according to Wired.

The sensor, which pairs with Windows, iOS and Android devices, offers up users’ unique heart rate to verify transactions.

Marc Lien, director of innovation and digital development at Halifax, told Wired: "The fundamental difference between a heartbeat pattern and fingerprint or iris scanning is that a heartbeat pattern cannot be replicated fraudulently.

“The closed security loop at the heart of this technology prevents fraudsters from being able to steal the pattern and use it to access services.”

This comes after RBS and NatWest instead embraced fingerprint recognition technology as a purchase verification tool.