Samsung Gear VR launches CyberCook Taster

CyberCook Taster, a hyper-real virtual reality cookery simulation, has launched exclusively on Samsung Gear VR.

Developed by digital media, entertainment and technology company Starship, the simulation allows aspiring cooks to interact with virtual ingredients in real-time, preparing and creating a menu of recipes from around the globe. It is available to try free from the Gear VR App store.

The company said brands and cookery suppliers can benefit from the new technology through creating a native advertising channel. Brands can place their products in the virtual kitchen, such as ingredients and appliances, for engagement.

Starship CEO Martin Kenwright said: “For brands, we’re offering one of the world’s most direct and engaging marketing tools. We’re looking to talk to brands in food, kitchens and interior design, suppliers and celebrity chefs to expand the CyberCook universe.”

CyberCook will roll out on tablet and mobile platforms over the next year. Beginning with the built-for-VR Cybercook Taster, the mobile demo, Cybercook Slice will follow, with the full platform unveiling later in the year.

Kenright added that they are looking to talk to brands in food, kitchens, and interior design, suppliers and celebrity chefs to expand the CyberCook universe.

The full platform will allow users to earn a score after completion of meals for the accuracy on timings. Users can also purchase real world foods through the app and new virtual kitchen tools, ingredients, and utensils to increase the number of meals that they can prepare.

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