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Creative Showcase: Featuring WCRS, CHI&Partners, DLKW Lowe and more


By Gillian West, Social media manager

February 9, 2015 | 28 min read

Welcome to The Drum Creative Showcase.

As always this section is dedicated to showing the best creative work and gives you, the reader, the chance to decide what we show within The Drum magazine.

You can vote for the work you like best, simply by clicking the 'Like' button beside the work, and the winner will be featured in the next issue of The Drum (4 March) in the Creative Showcase spread.

Other popular entrants will also be considered for the print edition. Submit your vote before Monday 16 February to guarantee your favourite makes it into the printed magazine.

To submit work for future publication contact For voting updates and more follow The Drum Creative Showcase on Twitter @TheDrumCreative.

WCRS: '#ShowTheLove'


Title(s): #ShowTheLove

Agency: WCRS

Agency website:

Creative Director: Chris Ringsell

Creatives: Katy Hopkins, Steve Hawthorne

Additional Credits: Agency Producer: Alex Honnor

Account Handling: Emma Marsland, Kevin Smith

Planning: Alicia Gaworska

Media Agency: M2M

Production Company: Thomas + Thomas

Director: Kevin Thomas

Producer: Alicia Farren

Editor: Scot Crane @ The Quarry

Post Production: Hani AlYousif @ Filament

Audio: Will Cohen : String @ Tins

Published: February 2015

Short Rationale: the UK’s largest curated online marketplace launches its Valentine’s Day marketing campaign this week – challenging the nation to #ShowTheLove.

The campaign includes TV, press and digital activity and is intended to encourage the nation to be romantic- in an age where public displays of affection are frowned upon and technology is everywhere.

It tells the story of a couple’s romance through a mixtape and hero’s one of’s products - a personalised mix tape print, which is the saviour when the mixtape breaks.

The cross-channel campaign will seek to remind consumers nationwide that when it comes to thoughtful, unique and less ordinary gifts for your significant other, is the go-to destination.

CHI&Partners: The Prince’s Trust 'Learn the Hard Way'

Brand: The Prince’s Trust

Title: Learn the Hard Way

Agency: CHI&Partners, London, UK

Agency website:

Creative Directors: Danny Hunt, Gavin Torrance

Executive Creative Director: Jonathan Burley

Art Director: William Cottam

Copywriter: James Crosby

Creatives: William Cottam, James Crosby

Additional credits: Production Company: Academy Films

Director: Seb Edwards

Producers: David Jones, Dominic Thomas

Executive Producer: Lizie Gower

DoP: Patrick Duroux

Production Assistant: Francesca Roberts

Business Director: Alex Best

Account Director: Sarah Carolin

Editor: Sam Rice-Edwards / The Assembly Rooms

Audio: Wave Studios


VFX Producer: Phil Whalley

VFX Supervisor: Dan Sanders

Published: January 2015

Human After All: BAFTA 'Film Awards 2015'

Brand: BAFTA

Title(s): BAFTA Film Awards 2015

Agency: Human After All, London, UK

Agency website:

Creative Director: Paul Willoughby

Producer: Lucia Dehez

Copywriter: Jonathan Crocker

Illustrator: Malika Favre

Designers: Angus MacPherson and Evan Lelliott

Published: February 2015

Short Rationale: An immersive above-the-line campaign that amped up big anticipation for Britain’s most prestigious awards night

DLKW Lowe: British Heart Foundation 'Conditions'

Brand: British Heart Foundation

Title: Conditions

Agency: DLKW Lowe, UK

Agency website:

Executive Creative Directors: Richard Denney, Dave Henderson

Creatives: Ben Mccarthy, Seb Housden

Planners: James Dawkin, Charlie Snow

Account Team: Paul Wilde, Charlotte Wolfenden, Sam Hardy

Agency Producers: Carys Stephen

Photographer: Mark Stenning

Media Agency: PHD

Production Company / Editing House: MAKE

Director: Isaac Bell

Published: January 2015

Quiet Storm: The Mirror 'Don’t Say Stupid'

Brand: The Mirror

Title(s): Don’t Say Stupid

Agency: Quiet Storm

Agency website:

Creative Director: Trevor Robinson

Creatives: Quiet Storm Creative Department

Additional Credits: Business Lead: Rania Robinson

Agency Producers: Kieve Ducharme

Director: Trevor Robinson

Production Company: Quiet Storm

Producer: Ella Littlewood

DOP: Benedict Spence

Post Production: Quiet Storm

Sound: Nick Angell, Angell Sound

Grade: Ben Rogers, Gramercy Park Studios

Editor: Dave Owen

Published: February 2015

Short Rationale: The cross platform, multi-million pound creative campaign “Don’t Say Stupid” brings to life the sinking feeling people experience when they state something they’ve read as fact, only to realise it’s obviously not true when challenged by others.

It intends to highlight the urban myths, speculation and mistruths reported as fact in most popular press and shared via social networks – to reinforce the Mirror’s point of difference as a quality tabloid news source.

The campaign will run for a number of weeks across TV, print, digital, outdoor, mobile and social platforms with a primetime TV launch spot in ITV’s Take Me Out on Saturday 7th February, and with other key spots including Coronation Street and Saturday Night Takeaway.

Voiced by Sara Cox, there are three TV creative spots which see a number of characters regurgitating something ‘stupid’ from what they’ve read, only for the penny to drop after awkward looks from their peers, causing them to backtrack, mumble on awkwardly, or seek a hasty exit.

Robot Food: Costello & Hellerstein 'Sublime Artisan Chocolate Truffles'

Brand: Costello & Hellerstein

Title(s): Sublime Artisan Chocolate Truffles

Agency: Robot Food

Agency website:

Creative Director: Simon Forster

Art Director: Mike Johns

Copywriter: Natalie Woodhead

Illustrator: Laura Evans

Photographer: Mike Johns

Published: February, 2015

Short rationale (optional): As demand for luxury foods evolves, brands are upping the ante on creative expression. Newcomers, Costello & Hellerstein, take things up a notch with chocolates that offer the complete sensory experience.

Husband and wife team, Ori Hellerstein and Yvonne Costello, make artisan chocolate truffles. Using only the finest ingredients, these indulgent truffles are handcrafted to tantalising perfection, and engage not just taste, but the other senses too. As Ori puts it, "Fine food should command your full attention. It is to be experienced and enjoyed by your eyes, your hands, your sense of smell and your palate; a complete sensory experience.”

C & H truffles are exactly the sort of masterpiece you’d expect from a chef as gifted as Ori. Having honed his pastry skills in a range of illustrious restaurants, Ori opened The Artisan Baker to supply trade clients with his fine patisserie and chocolates. In 2014 he set up Costello & Hellerstein to realise his dream of taking his luxury treats to boutique retailers and discerning audiences under his own name.

The branding and packaging had a lot to live up to. So Ori and Yvonne asked Robot Food to do the honours. Simon Forster, Robot Food’s Creative Director, said, “After exploring naming options, we decided the combination of Ori and Yvonne’s surnames, Costello & Hellerstein, would provide the high-end feel we were after. We created a bold wordmark with a slightly scientific feel to reflect Ori’s approach to his craft and backed this with an ownable icon. Both are a confident contrast to the organic lines, motion and craft origins of a flowing marble pattern that symbolises Ori and Yvonne’s collaboration. This was achieved by swirling ink on water and overlaying cartridge paper. The combination is a beautiful, uncompromising identity, and a fitting showcase for the truffles within.”

The eye-catching results give these exquisite chocolates the fanfare they deserve, and helped secure a recent launch in Harrods.

180 Amsterdam: Qatar Airways 'The FCB Holiday'

Brand: Qatar Airways

Title(s): The FCB Holiday

Agency: 180 Amsterdam

Agency website:

President & Chief Creative Officer: Al Young

Creative Director: Martin Terhart, Martin Beswick

Art Director: Ed Ryder

Copywriter: Luke Stone

Additional Credits: Producer: Susan Cook

MD/Account Director: Stephen Corlett

Account Manager: Jim O’Regan

Planner: Ben Armistead

Project Manager: Jo Borton/Eleanor Fitzgerald

Business Affairs Director: Sarah Gough

Production Company: Stink

Director: Agustin Alberdi

DOP: Dan Bronks

Producer: Annie Hart

Executive Producer: Blake Powell

Local Production Company: Twenty-Four Seven

Editorial/Off Line Edit: The Circus London

Editor: Alex Hagon

Assistant Editor: Adam Buckmaster

Online: MPC Amsterdam

VFX Supervisor: Jonathan Box

Colourist: George K

Producer: Gwenn Hardouin

Music: I Get Around – The Beach Boys

Composer: Brian Wilson/Mike Love

Sound Design: Wave Amsterdam and Adelphoi London

Final Mix: Alex Nichols-Lee

Published: February 2015

CHI&Partners: Big Yellow Self Storage 'Big Yellow does small'

Brand: Big Yellow Self Storage

Title(s): Big Yellow does small

Agency: CHI&Partners

Agency website:

Executive creative director: Jonathan Burley

Creative: Danny Hunt, Gavin Torrance

Illustrator: RM2 (Rhino & Giraffe)

Illustrator: Matt Dartford, Debut Art (Sumo)

Additional Credits: Planner: Adele Meer

Producer: Emma Modler & Cara Swindell

Business Director: Fern Nott

Phillipa Leyshon & Bindy Bowden

Media Agency: m/SIX

Media Planner: Deb Mitra

Published: February 2015

Short Rationale: To promote Big Yellow’s smaller storage offerings, which start at rooms of just three square feet, CHI Creative Directors Danny Hunt and Gavin Torrance have created ‘Big Yellow Does Small’ – a series of digital and out-of-home posters showing normally very large characters that have squeezed themselves into small shapes, in the way a contortionist would.

The posters show a rhinoceros and a giraffe (with illustrations from RM2) and a sumo wrestler (with illustrations from Debut Art’s Matt Dartford) convoluted into small cuboid shapes.

TH_NK: J2O 'There’s joy in the blend'

Brand: J2O

Title(s): There’s joy in the blend

Agency: TH_NK

Agency website:

Creative Director: Phil Wilce

Additional Credits: Producer: Brek Taylor

Production Company: Partizan

Director: Zaiba Jabbar

Producer: Ella More O’Ferrall

Production Manager: Brett Webb

Production Assistant: Nu Nevzat

1st AD: Chris Kelly

DP: Brian Fawcett

Production Designer: Will Field

Sound: Mike Clements & Eleanor Walton

Editor: Matt Dollings @ Partizan

Grade: Lewis Crossfield @ Electric Theatre Collective

Published: February 2015

Short Rationale: Soft drinks manufacturer Britvic and digital agency TH_NK have launched new campaign for J2O featuring the Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra and Spoken Word Poet James Massiah.

‘There’s Joy in the Blend’ will sees 20 videos of prestigious stars from two disparate art forms blended together. The unusual combination of spoken word poetic verse with orchestral accompaniments will be released on every working day throughout February. Subject matter for the poetry ranges from breaking news events and famous figures of the day, to shared collective emotions and reflections on modern city living.

The campaign builds on momentum created by the TV launch in November 2014. It celebrates the exciting potential of blending contrasting elements, not normally associated with each other, reflecting the J2O brand’s fusion of complementary ingredients.

It’s a marriage of tradition and modernity as the RPCO call on classical heavyweights from Elgar and Beethoven to be paired with words from the young ‘funk poet’ and rising UK talent James Massiah.

WCRS: Warburtons - Wholemeal 'Red Breakfast'

Brand: Warburtons - Wholemeal

Title(s): Red Breakfast

Agency: WCRS, London, England

Agency website:

Creative: Gavine Cumine

Agency producer: Sarah Ritchie , Lizzie Mabbott

Photographer: Matt Barlow at Germaine Walker

Sound Design & Mix: George Castle

Published: February 2015

FCB Inferno: BMW 'The Road to Twickenham'

Brand: BMW

Title(s): The Road to Twickenham

Agency: FCB Inferno

Agency website:

Chief Creative Officer: Al Young

Creative Director: Owen Lee

Art Director: Neil Durber

Copywriter: Nick O’Bryan-Tear

Additional Credits: Account Director: Laura Kelly

Planning Director: Ben Jaffe

Producer: Tom Collbeck

Media Company: Vizeum

Production Company: Stink

Director: CD Morrish

Producer: Tom Knight

Editor: Vid Price

Post Production Producer: Phil Whalley

Post Production: MPC

VFX Producer: Phil Whalley

VFX Supervisor: Fraser Cleland

Colourist: James Tillett

Audio Post Production: Angel Sound

Music Company/Sound Design: Felt Music/Dave Robinson @ Angel Sound

Published: February 2015

Short Rationale: The story is told from the eyes of a fan, driving in anonymous car. Opening on a dark and desolate country road we can see the moon in the sky as the car sets off down a frosty lane, to the sound of dull and distant chant. Dawn rises as the car travels through the English countryside; we sweep past an old pub with St George’s flags in the window; later, a solitary rugby player is seen practicing in the snow; then we pass a 2003 rugby shirt hanging on a washing line. Day is dawning as the driver reaches the city, and the chant steadily grows loader, reaching a roar as it turns onto the sun-lit road to Twickenham. The iconic amphitheatre can now be seen ahead, “Swing low, sweet chariot, Comin' for to carry me home”.

BMW UK has been an RFU sponsor since 2012 and champions the game from grassroots level up. ‘The Road to Twickenham’ is designed to celebrate the shared passion that goes into rugby, and the devotion of the fans. ‘Swing Low, Sweet Chariot’ has long been a rugby anthem and features in a number of BMW’s sponsorship executions, most recently on a score-sheet drawn in tyre marks, seen on in-stadium DOOH. The rousing soundtrack heard in ‘The Road to Twickenham’ was recorded live from 90,000 fans singing at the 2014 Australia v England QBEs.

ais London: Harrison's Fund 'I wish my son was a dog'

Brand: Harrison's Fund

Title(s): I wish my son was a dog

Agency: ais London, London, England

Agency website:

Creative Director: Kevin Bratley, Geoff Gower

Art Director: Kevin Bratley

Copywriter: Geoff Gower

Illustrator: Oliver Enskat

Photographer: Harrison’s Fund

Additional credits: Josh Toogood, Dawn O'Malley, Joe Hoppard

Published: January 2015

Short rationale (optional): The bold press ad has been used to highlight how the UK is twice as likely to donate to save an animal than to a child with the fatal disease Duchenne

The press ad, created by ais London, was run in the Evening Standard and features a generic image of a dog taken from the Internet, asking ‘would you give £5 to help save Harrison from a slow and painful death’? It then goes on to explain that the image of the dog isn’t Harrison, but that Harrison is Alex’s eight year old son who has been diagnosed with the disease.

To back up the claim, the agency also created two online UK ad’s on the same media network with the same weighting, identical in every way bar the image. One had the image from the above mentioned ad, the other featured Harrison in place of the dog. Of the 350,757 impressions, Harrison’s advert received 111 clicks compared to the 230 of the dog ad – more than double.

Aesop: Bristows 'Oh Fudge! packaging'

Brand: Bristows

Title(s): Oh Fudge! packaging

Agency: Aesop

Agency website:

Executive Creative Director: Martin Grimer Design Director: Dan Calderwood

Copywriter: Tom Edwards

Account Manager: Jess Jones

Published: February 2015

Short Rationale: Aesop came up with the brand name - ‘Oh Fudge!’; the strapline - ‘A match made in Devon’ plus witty back-of-pack stories for each flavour.

Caramel & Sea Salt; Chilli & Chocolate and Apple & Cinnamon are daring flavour combinations that demanded a bold and unexpected design approach.

Orange fish swim against a turquoise backdrop; penguins appear incongruous against a pink landscape and apples shot-through with arrows adorn a sweet and spicy orange-scape.

The illustrations are a tongue-in-cheek representation of each flavour - unexpected and surprising, creating an ‘Oh Fudge!’ moment.

The new fudge brand has already generated interest from niche and mainstream retailers including Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s River Cottage deli.

St Luke’s: Divine 'A love that grows'

Brand: Divine

Title(s): A love that grows

Agency: St Luke’s

Agency website:

Creative Director: Al Young, Julian Vizard

Creative: Gatis Pakalns, Polina Harkin

Additional Credits: Planner: Rose Van Orden

Account Director: Lara Poole

Agency Producer: Roy Hyndman

Media agency: Good Stuff

Production Company: Splash

Published: February 2014

Short Rationale: The creative treats the different flavours as if they were meeting and falling in love. With lines such as: “Toffee and sea salt fall head over heels” and “Raspberry meets a tall dark chocolate”, the aim is to make Divine flavour combinations irresistible to consumers. A third execution describes the 70% dark chocolate variant as “strong and independent”.

The new endline, “a love that grows”, reflects the bigger story behind the Divine brand. A Fairtrade leader and pioneer, it is the only mainstream chocolate company that is co-owned by the cocoa farmers themselves (they own 45% of the company); this means that the farmers are committed and passionate about making the very best chocolate, and empowered by owning it.

Love: Onitsuka Tiger 'A product of inner confidence'

Brand: Onitsuka Tiger

Title(s): A product of inner confidence

Agency: Love

Agency website:

Executive Creative Director: Dave Palmer

Creative Director: Chris Myers

Art Director: Tom Nicklin

Photographer: Stephanie Jung

Additional Credits: Serena Smallman

Published: February 2015

Short Rationale: “A Product of Inner Confidence” is the new global brand communications platform for Onitsuka Tiger, the Japanese sports lifestyle brand.

Love took inspiration from the brand’s founder, Mr Onitsuka. Back in 1949, he was passionate about improving the lives and self-esteem of a generation of post-war youths in Japan. Love wanted to introduce a little Kanketsu – the Japanese concept of simplicity and calmness - to the frenetic lives of young people today.

Interestingly, Love chose to work with Berlin-based photographer Stephanie Jung. Jung had never done a commercial project before, but Love admired her experimental photography style and recognised that it was a unique way to communicate calmness. Shot in New York, the campaign images capture and freeze a moment in time amongst the hectic city scene.

Don't Panic: Energy Bills Revolution 'Politicians in Frozen the Musical'

Brand: Energy Bills Revolution

Title: Politicians in Frozen the Musical

Agency: Don't Panic, London, United Kingdom

Agency website:

Creative Director: Richard Beer

Account Director: Chloe Cross

Copywriter: Richard Beer

Published: February 2015

TBWA/London: Jungle Sound Studios 'If You Can Read This You Probably Work At Jungle'

Brand: Jungle Sound Studios

Title(s): If You Can Read This You Probably Work At Jungle

Agency: TBWA/London

Agency website:

Executive Creative Director: Jeremy Carr

Copywriter: Dean Webb

Art Director: Simon Morris

Photographer: Julian Hanford

Voiceover Artist: Lewis MaCleod

Published: January 2015

Short Rationale: This ad for Jungle Sound Studios was, firstly, created as a 613 word ‘traditional’ long-copy ad. Those words were then recorded, at Jungle, by a professional voiceover artist. The soundwaves created by the words when spoken aloud were then reproduced in the form of a traditional long-copy ad and it ran in this new form in the advertising trade press. In normal English the headline actually reads, ‘NOT TO BOAST OR ANYTHING, BUT IF YOU CAN READ THIS YOU PROBABLY WORK AT JUNGLE’.

Vibe Studio: Lansinoh Laboratories 'Lansinoh mOmma Bottle & Teat Range'

Brand: Lansinoh Laboratories

Title(s): Lansinoh mOmma Bottle & Teat Range

Agency: Vibe Studio

Agency website:

Creative Director: Sandra Solomonea

Senior Art Director: Radu Prepeleac

Short Rationale: Vibe Studio has created the new Feeding Bottle range packaging identity and design for one of the leading baby brands, Lansinoh.

The challenge was to create a cohesive visual message communicating the product’s key features in an enticing style, expressing a significant differentiation on the crowded shelf of big retailers. Different markets requirements called for a deliverable strategy based of strong visuals and vibrant colours. The design proposed by Vibe Studio for the Lansinoh Feeding Bottle range reinforces the product’s breastfeeding support positioning while actively enhancing the personality behind the brand, creating a new visual dynamic.

The new Lansinoh mOmma Bottle & Teat range is visually distinct from other profile brands. As an added property, the ownable visual style with rich purple and orange colour palette set it apart from the current multitude of baby products. Its visual ambition is to attract the targeted audience in the busy retail environment.

BETC London: Bacardi 'Relentless – New packaging design'

Brand: Bacardi

Title: Relentless – New packaging design

Agency: BETC, London, United Kingdom

Agency website:

Executive Creative Director: Rosie Bardales

Art Director: Gareth Rice, Ash Ghazali

Copywriter: Gareth Rice, Jon Kallus

Additional credits: Head of Broadcast Production: Julia Methold

CEO and Planner: Andrew Stirk

Head of Creative Services: Kate Blumer

Business Director: Cris Butler

Account Director: Zoë Hinckley

Account Manager: Charlotte Gunn

Production company: Elastic

Director:Patrick Clair

Director of Photography: Magni Agustsson

Executive Producer: Jennifer Sofio Hall

Producer: Ron Cosentino

Editing company: Rock Paper Scissors Audio 750mph

Sound Designer/Mixer: Sam Ashwell Music Hudson Mohawke (artist) Volcanic (track)

Publisher: Warp Music Limited

Composer: Hudson Mohawke

Arranger: Hudson Mohawke

Artist: Hudson Mohawke

Post production: a52-LA

Post Production Producer: Jamie McBriety

Print production: East Photographic

Photographer: Rick Guest Agent Kandy Field

Retouching: Tapestry

Media Agency: Zenith Optimedia

Published: February 2015

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