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The British Army resurrects the Chindits to fight using social media in the information age

A new army unit is to be established to use social media and psychology training in a bid to fight in "the Information age"

The 77th Brigade, formerly known as the Chindits who fought in Burma during World War Two and disbanded 70 years ago, will be a force of between 1,500 - 2,000 troops trained to use "non-lethal" psychological manipulation through Facebook and Twitter and other platforms.

An army spokesperson told the BBC that the unit would "play a key part in enabling the UK to fight in the information age" and that it "consists of more than just traditional capabilities" in order to fight "modern conflict and warfare."

Under half (42 per cent) of the troops will be reservists, members of the Royal Navy, the Army and the Royal Airforce who will begin their roles in the spring.

The Chindits insignia, that of the mystical Burmese creature, a Cynthe (see main image) will also be adopted by the brigade.

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