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BBH London: St John Ambulance 'The Chokeables'

Brand: St John Ambulance

Title(s): The Chokeables

Agency: BBH London

Agency website:

Creative Director: Matt Doman, Ian Heartfield

Creative Team: Matt Moreland, Chris Clarke, Rob Ellis, Alex Ball

Additional Credits: Strategy Director: Rowenna Prest

Business Lead: Paul Matuszczyk

Team Director: Leo Sloley

Producer: Rachel Hough

Assistant Producer: Vaia Ikonomou

Production Company: Academy

Director: Si & Ad

Producer: Dom Thomas

DoP: Tristan Oliver

Post Production: Electric Theatre Collective

Telecine: Aubrey Woodiwiss

Sound: Sam Ashwell @ 750MPH

Published: January 2015

Short Rationale: In The Chokeables, the celebrities take on the character of animated objects that could potentially choke babies – a small princess toy, a pen lid, a jelly baby and a peanut. They’ve joined together because they’ve had enough and want to show how easy it is to save a choking baby’s life.

The film starts with David Mitchell, as a chewed up pen lid, asking for the audience’s attention. A jelly baby – Johnny Vegas – then explains that they’re fed up of real babies choking on innocent objects like them. He then starts struggling for breath and turns blue.

Walliams’ lofty princess character shows the correct technique to save the choking jelly baby – up to five back blows, followed by up to five chest thrusts – who coughs out a peanut (voiced by Sir John Hurt), before returning to his normal shade.

The campaign has been animated by Si & Ad.

FCB Inferno: Sport England 'This girl can'

Brand: Sport England

Title(s): This girl can

Agency: FCB Inferno

Agency website:

Chief Creative Officer: Al Young

Creative Director: Bryn Attewell

Art Director: Raymond Chan

Copywriter: Simon Cenamor

Additional Credits: Planning Director: Vicki Holgate

Senior Account Manager: Hollie Loxley

Producer: Ally Mee

Media Company: Carat

Production Company: Somesuch

Director: Kim Gehrig

Producer: Lee Groombridge

Editor: Tom Lindsay at Trim

Post Production Producers: Andrew McLintock, Adam Sergant

Post Production: Framestore

Audio Post Production: Wave Sound Studios

Music Company/Sound Design: Soundtree

Published: January 2015

Short Rationale: The film features a series of everyday women, of all ages and sizes - no actresses - as they exercise. Opening on a woman’s bottom as she strides out to a swimming pool; the ad plays out to show that some women are brilliant at sport, some aren’t, but it doesn’t matter. For each woman a statement of their attitude to exercise is shown, like a personal mantra. “Damn Right I Look Hot” appears next to a sweaty spinner, while an ace footy player claims “I Kick Balls, Deal With It”. The energetic beat of the film, directed by Cannes winning Kim Gehrig, is set to the rhythm of Missy Elliot’s ‘Get Your Freak On’ and takes a pause to catch breath before the end line, ‘This Girl Can’.

Sport England tasked FCB Inferno to create an integrated campaign that would encourage girls and women across England to participate in exercise. Agency research led to the creative and strategic objective to make women’s confidence greater than their fear of judgment. With a sense of humour the campaign understands and empathises with the struggles women face, from how to look in gym gear to the guilt of leaving the family to exercise.

BBH London: Lynx (Axe) 'Less effort and more style'

Brand: Lynx (Axe)

Title(s): Less effort and more style

Agency: BBH London

Agency website:

Creative Director: David Kolbusz, Nick Gill, Gary McCreadie, Wesley Hawes

Creative Team: Jack Smedley, George Hackforth-Jones

Interactive Art Director: Vinny Olimpio

Additional Credits: Team Director: Cressida Holmes-Smith

Team Manager: Freddie Vereker

Strategist: Tom Callard

Strategy Director: Agathe Guerrier

Business Lead: Helen James

Producer: Glenn Paton

Assistant Producer: Katie Burkes

Production Company: Biscuit Filmworks

Director: Noam Murro

Executive Producer: Orlando Wood

Producer: Jay Veal

DoP: Eric Schmidt

Post Production: Framestore

Editor/Editing House: Neil Smith and Saam Hodivala @ Work Post

Sound: Will Cohen @ String and Tins

Producer: Sally Green

Photographer: Alan Clarke

Typographer: Rich Kennedy

Published: January 2015

Short Rationale: LYNX Hair styling and shampoos, the latest addition to the LYNX range of grooming products is kicking off 2015 with the release of a TVC that aims to help guys get the look with ‘less effort and more style’ using the LYNX Hair product range.

Inspiring guys to experiment with the new LYNX hair products, the spot presents three key looks with a voice over emphasising ‘less effort, more style’. It irreverently tells one guy to make the most of his hair while it is still there – because having good hair surely helps you to be amazing in life.

adam&eveDDB: Temptations '#packattack'

Brand: Temptations

Title(s): #packattack

Agency: adam&eveDDB

Agency website:

Executive Creative Director: Ben Priest, Ben Tollet, Emer Stamp

Creative Director: Daniel Fisher, Richard Brim

Art Director: Christopher Bowsher, adam&eveDDB

Copywriter: Frances Leach, adam&eveDDB

Photographer: Ryan Hopkinson, Blink Art

Additional Credits: Retoucher: Gareth Ling, Stanleys KH

Art Buyer: Daniel Moorey, adam&eveDDB

Planner: Elaine Miller, adam&eveDDB

Agency Producer: Daneil Moorey, adam&eveDDB

Senior Creative Producer: Caroline Tripp, adam&eveDDB

Print Producer: Raidel Chao-Batlle, Gutenberg networks

Shoot Consultant: Kyle Bean, Blink Art

Animal Handler: Charlotte Wilde

Director: Josh Hine

Editor: Josh Hine

Production Company: Blink Art

Production Company Producer: Katy MacGregor

Head of Social: Simon Adamson, adam&eveDDB

Social Media Manager: Jessica Taylor, adam&eveDDB

Published: January 2015

Short Rationale: Cats can't resist Temptations. We put it to the test.

One studio, 15 cats, a whole box of Temptations cat treats. The result? Beautifully destroyed packs, that were shot and made into a poster campaign to tell a clear and simple story – product irresistibility.

An online film shows how we made the posters using real cats, and invites people to share their own ravaged packs using #packattack, to make a fully integrated campaign.

Alphabetical: British Heart Foundation 'Transition'

Brand: British Heart Foundation

Title(s): Transition

Agency: Alphabetical

Agency website:

Illustrator: Damien Weighill (

Published: January 2015

Short Rationale: We’re proud to announce the completion of our latest project for the British Heart Foundation. A landmark resource for 13 – 19 year olds with heart conditions, to help guide them through the process of moving from child to adult care, known as transition.

Transition is an extremely challenging and vulnerable time for young heart patients so we developed a central place for them to store appointment times, leaflets, medical details and information. The pack includes three booklets filled with positive information, support and lifestyle advice to help motivate them to take responsibility for their own health.

Our aim was to put the young people in charge of how their own pack looks. We added plastic pockets to the box and 6×4 inch photo sleeves to the booklets to create a resource which can adapt over time to reflect the changes in their own life.

Dandelion/ Aesop: Popchips 'Snack Magic'

Brand: Popchips

Title(s): Snack Magic

Agency: Created by Dandelion, adapted for the UK by Aesop

Agency website:

Published: January 2015

Short Rationale: Popchips has launched its first ever national television campaign in the UK called “Snack Magic.”

The £1m campaign, which recently launched in the US, is the largest advertising investment to date in the UK. The advert, which will run on UK screens from 12 January until February 8 2015 was created by the Dandelion Agency, headed by award-winning director, Kirt Gunn.

The agency leveraged its roster of prominent television writers from successful comedy series, including “The Office,” and “Da Ali G Show” to write humorous scripts that featured the product in funny situations and played on simple interactions between couples. Using fast and funny dialogue, the scripts tap into a number of universal truths with the brand attributes of taste and heathier snacking at the forefront.

DigitasLBi: Cunard '175 Years Forever Cunard'

Brand: Cunard

Title(s): 175 Years Forever Cunard

Agency: DigitasLBi

Agency website:

Group Creative Director: Simon Attwater

Art Director: Richard Morgan

Copywriter: Christopher McKee

Additional Credits: Client Director: Caitlin Blewett

Senior Account Manager: Umesh Patel

Creative Producer: Filip Johansson

Production Company: Nomint

Director: Christos Lefakis

Published: January 2015

Short Rationale: Cunard, the world’s longest-established shipping line, is launching a digital initiative to mark its 175th anniversary.

The initiative aims to engage new audiences by bringing to life Cunard’s rich and romantic 175-year history.

The centrepiece of the campaign is a video timeline of key milestones in Cunard’s 175-year history. The two-and-a-half minute animated timeline, which Cunard and DigitasLBi created in collaboration with animation production company NOMINT, moves seamlessly through the decades, starting in 1840 when Britannia, one of the company’s first ships, made its maiden transatlantic voyage to Halifax, Nova Scotia. The timeline also takes in Cunard’s participation in WWI, the very first World Voyage in 1922, and the glamour and glitz of the 1950s, before ending in the present day as Cunard celebrates its anniversary year.

DigitasLBi has also worked with Cunard to develop a social media amplification strategy. Activity across social channels imagines the sort of photographs Cunard passengers might have shared if today’s digital technology had existed 175 years ago.

WCRS: Bupa UK ‘Cancer survivorship programme’ and ‘Elderly care support line’

Brand: Bupa UK

Title(s): ‘Cancer survivorship programme’ and ‘Elderly care support line’

Agency: WCRS

Agency website:

Media Agency: MEC, London, UK

Agency website:

Creative Director: Orlando Warner and Joe Miller

Additional credits: Agency Producer: Helen Powlette

Account Handling: Matt Edwards, Philip Higham, Chris Boyton, Max Taylor|Planning: Elisa Edmonds, Hayley Pardoe

Media Agency: MEC

Production Company: Another Film Company

Director/Animator: Steve Reeves

Producer: Tim Marshall

Editor: Owen Oppenheimer

Post Production: Steve Murgatroyd

Audio: Sam Ashwell @ 750mph

Published: January 2015

Short rationale (optional): Bupa UK has launched a TV advertising campaign as part of a drive to showcase its healthcare expertise and broad range of products and services.

With expectations of healthcare providers changing*, people want holistic support that goes beyond treatment and covering the bills. The new campaign highlights how Bupa meets these healthcare needs by supporting people through combining expert guidance with emotional and practical support and care.

Horse: William Whistle 'Brand and packaging design'

Brand: William Whistle

Title(s): Brand and packaging design

Agency: Horse

Agency website:

Designers: Ian Firth & Sarah Pidgeon

Published: January 2015

101: Vauxhall 'The A-Z of Corsa'

Brand: Vauxhall

Title(s): The A-Z of Corsa

Agency: 101

Agency website:

Executive Creative Director: Richard Flintham

Creative Director: Augusto Sola

Creative: Ben Williams, Ryan Delehanty

Art Director: Tanya Holbrook

Designer: Dave Allen

Additional Credits: Agency Producer: Alison Cummins, Jack Waters

Group Business Leader: Ross Farquhar

Account Director: Georgina King, Duncan Stuart

Account Manager: Amy Lavington

Planner: Laurence Green

Production Company: Somesuch and Co

Director: Bob Harlow

Executive Producer: Tim Nash

Producer: James Waters

Director of Photography: Jackson Hunt

Edit House: Final Cut

Editor: Dan Sherwen

Post House: Framestore

Post Producer: Helen Hughes, Heather Kinal

Colourist: Simon Bourne

Flame Operator: Paul O’Brien and Tim Osbourne

Audio Post Production: Will Cohen at Strings and Tings

Music: There’s a beast and we all feed it – Jake Bugg

Published: January 2015

Short Rationale: The ‘A to Z of Corsa’, is an affectionate nod and rebellious take on the Brits love affair with the Vauxhall Corsa, which has sold over 1.8 million vehicles in its 22 years on the road.

The ‘A to Z of Corsa’ accelerates viewers through a whirlwind of alphabetic themed scenes. Illustrating everyday British life and driving scenarios from boxers, cricket and dogs, to quiffs, roundabouts, snogging and tea, the ad follows people through their own personal road trips. The soundtrack, ‘There’s a beast and we all feed it’, by Jake Bugg is used across the campaign and enforces a strong sense of ‘Britishness’, fun and energy throughout the campaign.

Cheetham Bell: Dreams 'Sleep Matters'

Brand: Dreams

Title: Sleep Matters

Headline and copy text (in English): Need a better night’s sleep?

Agency: Cheetham Bell, Manchester, UK

Agency website:

Creative Director: Andy Huntingdon/Martin Smith

Art Director: Martin Smith

Copywriter: Andy Huntingdon

Photographer: Gareth Gatrell

Additional credits: Director Phil Hawkins

Producer: Phil Greenwood

Published: December 2014/January 2015

Short Rationale: If you don’t get a good night’s sleep, you can pay the price during the day. Continuing our very successful ‘Sleep Matters’ campaign for Dreams, we show how otherwise mundane, everyday events can have unexpectedly funny outcomes if the protagonist is overly tired. The media included idents on SKY 2 supported by outdoor, online, social and in-store.

Aesop: Andy Murray 'Brand identity'

Brand: Andy Murray

Title(s): Brand identity

Agency: Aesop

Agency website:

Executive Creative Director: Martin Grimer

Design Director: Dan Calderwood

Additional Credits: Director of Narrative: Ed Woodcock

Senior Account Director: Fiona Chapman

Published: January 2015

Short Rationale: '77' is a number imbued with significance for Murray: it was 77 years since a British man had won Wimbledon and he achieved the landmark victory on the 7th day of the 7th month.

77 is also the name of Andy's agency which manages his career and looks after his diverse range of business interests.

We strove to create a modern identity - simple and striking - that captures Andy's energy and spirit whilst referencing his unique affinity with the number 77.

McCann New York: Jose Cuervo 'Especial Limited Edition'

Brand: Jose Cuervo

Title(s): Jose Cuervo Especial Limited Edition

Agency: McCann New York

Agency website:

Chief creative officers: Thomas Murphy / Sean Bryan

Executive creative director: Mat Bisher

Creative director: Jason Ashlock

Senior copywriter: Nick DiLallo

Senior art director: Ryan Quigley

Additional Credits: Chief Production Officer: Nathy Aviram

Senior Producer: Jessica Coccaro

Music Producer: Mike Ladman

Account: Lauren LaValle / Christopher Jeyes / Rachel Heiss


Animation Company: Elastic

Director: Andy Hall

Executive Producer: Jenn Sofio Hall

Music & Sound Design: Q Department

Mix Studio: Sonic Union

Engineer: Fernando Ascani

Published: January 2015

Short Rationale: To commemorate the 220th anniversary of Jose Cuervo, the company is introducing limited edition Jose Cuervo Especial Gold and Silver bottles. The bold, innovative design marks the release of the first limited edition Jose Cuervo Especial bottle ever produced by the brand in its storied history. The bottles, with striking gold and silver colored metallic coatings, feature a “Day of the Dead” themed skull to reflect the rich history of Jose Cuervo Especial and honor the brand’s Mexican roots.

To launch the new limited edition bottles, McCann New York created a beautifully dark animation, to launch January 15, that tells the story of a blacksmith forging the new bottles underneath the Jose Cuervo distillery, hammering away at a solid gold bar. With brooding, heavy music and a shadowy character, the tone is as gritty as the skull artwork on the bottle.

JWT London: Army Reserve 'More than meets the eye 2'

Brand: Army Reserve

Title(s): More than meets the eye 2

Agency: J. Walter Thompson, London

Agency website:

Executive Creative Director: Russell Ramsey

Creative Director: Paul Rizzello, Olly Robinson

Additional Credits: Planner (creative agency): Neil Godber and Helen St Quintin

TV Producer: Rebecca Hunter

TV Production Assistant: Jenny Busby

Business Director: Gillian Milner

Account Director: Rebeca Hernandez

Project Manager: Brenda Petersen

Media agency: Carat

Media planner: Mediacom

Director: Jake Nava

Producer: Benedict Cooper

Production Company: Cherry Studio

Editor: Julia Knight

Sound: Munzie Singh Thind from GCRS

Music: Faith SFX

Post production: Dan Williams – The Mill

Published: January 2015

Short Rationale: J. Walter Thompson London’s latest campaign on behalf of the Army Recruiting Partnering Partnership - between Capita plc and The Army - is designed to show people they can fit more adventure into their life with the Army Reserve.

The creative invites to discover how the Army Reserve can offer them the challenge, adventure or opportunity they are looking for and provide the same excitement, camaraderie and training as the Regular Army within a time commitment compatible with their lives.

The Independence Orchestra: Upbeat 'Willpower in a bottle'

Brand: Upbeat

Title(s): Willpower in a bottle

Agency: The Independence Orchestra

Agency website:

Creative Director: The Independence Orchestra

Art Director: Pete Lewtas

Copywriter: Richard Butler

Additional credits: Commercials directed by Pete Lewtas through Hero Productions

Published: January 2015

Short Rational: Following consumer research with their target audience of adults leading busy ‘on the go’ lives and the challenges they face in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, the first ever TV ad for dairy drink Upebeat communicates the message that Upbeat can help people stay on track and resist the temptation of unhealthy snacks by providing a healthy option - summed up by the tagline "Upbeat. It’s like a bit of extra willpower in a bottle." The ad will also be shown on digital platforms.

The TV advert will be complemented by an extensive programme of activity, with the theme of resisting the temptation of unhealthy snacks with willpower at its heart, encompassing the full marketing mix of print and online advertising, advertorials that talk to Upbeat's target audience, social media engagement and sampling. The PR programme will also play a big part in supporting the launch of future new products, creative news generation stories for national and consumer press, in addition to bigger campaigns including the continuation of National Protein Week in March 2015.

Onlinefire: Royal Mail 'Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland'

Brand: Royal Mail

Title(s): Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

Agency: Onlinefire, London, UK

Agency website:

Illustrator: Grahame Baker-Smith

Published: January 2015

Short rationale (optional): To celebrate the 150th anniversary of Lewis Carroll’s childhood classic marking Alice’s adventures in Wonderland, Royal Mail has issued 10 Special Stamps and brought five of the key characters to life using Vine.

The stamps and Vine series use illustrations from commissioned artist, Grahame Baker-Smith and highlights key scenes from the novel.

In a first Royal Mail, has also teamed up a children’s book publisher, Walker Books, to create a pop-up book of the classic tale using the commissioned artwork.

Five of the scenes from the stamps have been used in a Vine series featuring; the White Rabbit running late, Alice falling down the rabbit hole, a meeting with the Cheshire Cat, tea with the Mad Hatter and a close up with the Queen of Hearts.

The Vines, created by Onlinefire see characters roll, pop-up and fall while looping round in endlessly enjoyable six-second chains.

Vines: Alice down the rabbit hole

Mad Hatter’s tea party

White Rabbit

Queen of Hearts

Cheshire Cat

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