Parisian regrets posting footage of policeman’s murder on Facebook

An eyewitness who filmed the horrific murder of a Parisian policeman and posted the footage on the internet has voiced regret at doing so, citing a ‘stupid reflex’ born out of years of social media usage.

The shocking clip depicted documented the final moments of Ahmed Merabet before being executed by terrorists as he lay wounded on the street in the immediate aftermath of last week’s Charlie Hebdo massacre.

It was swiftly picked up by news organisations and broadcast around the world after being posted last Wednesday.

Engineer Jordi Mir, who witnessed the whole event, posted the video to his Facebook account for just 15 minutes before taking it down but by then it was already too late. Speaking to the Associated Press he said: “I had to speak to someone. I was alone in my flat. I put the video on Facebook. That was my error."

It depicts brothers Cherif and Said Kouachi approach Merabet with one asking ‘You want to kill us?’ Merabet responds ‘No, it’s Ok, chief’ but is instantly killed by a bullet to the head.

The regret comes as millions took to the streets of Paris on Sunday in a show of solidarity and defiance against terrorism.

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